Saturday, December 6, 2008

Baby Update

I haven't given a baby update lately so here it goes. I went to the doctor the Tuesday before thanksgiving. This was my 18 week appointment and ultrasound. This is the appointment where we could have found out what we are having but I resisted temptation and I'm looking forward to being surprised.

Everything looked perfect. The baby is growing just like it is supposed to and I got some good pictures and video. The heart beat has remained at 158 bpm the whole time. I've had four ultrasounds now and each time the heart beat has been the same.

I did find out that this time I have a front placenta. They said that this is normal but it is creating an extra cushion between me and the baby. This would be why they were unable to find the heart beat the last two appointments and why I can't feel this baby kicking all over the place yet. I felt Mary Selwyn for the first time at 16 weeks and so by this time she was going crazy in there. I was getting worried when I wasn't feeling this baby. Turns out everything is fine it is just going to take a little longer to feel those kicks. Now I have felt it some, but just a little bit every now and then. It isn't the consistent movements I long for but soon enough I'm sure.

Like I said this front placenta thing isn't abnormal but it could be a little tricky for me since I will be having a scheduled c-section. Dr. Nicholls said that if they have to cut through it, not to be too graphic or anything, that it can cause more blood loss. I'm not real excited about the possibility of this because my blood loss is what kept me down for several weeks after Mary Selwyn was born. Apparently my body doesn't reproduce, I'm not sure that is the right word, the blood that I have lost fast enough. The doctor talked for several days last time about giving me a blood transfusion. Thankfully we were able to avoid that. So this worries me a little bit but Dr. Nicholls said we have other things to worry about right now, "like what to buy for Christmas," were his exact words and we will look again later. So overall it was a good report, which we are very thankful for.

Now here are some pictures of our enormous Christmas tree. Normally we go to one of those cozy little Christmas tree farm places to pick out our tree but in an effort to pinch pennies this year we went to Lowe's and boy we got a deal. We ended up with a huge douglas fir tree. I'm positive it is the biggest tree in Dothan (have I ever mentioned that I tend to exaggerate). I love it!! Oh and it was only $40.00!!!! What a steal. We had fun decorating it with Mary Selwyn's help and managed to only break one ornament. We are enjoying how cozy our house is with all the lighted garland and trees. By the way, I still dressed MSN up in a cute candy cane dress to go pick out our tree but she wouldn't be still long enough for me to take her picture looking for trees. Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season as well.

Wouldn't she be the cutest little elf ever?

This is the view of the tree from the recliner that sits in front of it.

Please notice how much taller it is than my back door. That door is 8ft towers it. I told you biggest Christmas tree in Dothan.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We are Thankful

We had a wonderful thanksgiving. Here are a few of things that we were thankful for this trip home.

Family. We got to spend lots of time with all of our family this thanksgiving. My brother Taylor was home for the first time since he enlisted. It was so good to see him. I haven't seen him since May and we have never gone that long without seeing each other. Mary Selwyn calls him Tay-Tay and it is clear as a bell. She has attempted to say Taylor but it comes out more of a Tator, which I guess works too.

Taylor has changed in a lot of ways and is still the same too, if that makes sense. You can tell he has really grown up. We are so proud of him. Oh and he looks like a stud in his uniform.

We were also able to see our grandparents that live here, aunts uncles and cousins. I love getting to see everyone during the holidays. We spent a few days with Shannon, Ben and Kate. Mary Selwyn loves Kate too, it is really cute, she walks around saying "Kate, Kate." Here are some pictures we took for some family Christmas cards and such.

Monday night my family and I took Mary Selwyn to see Santa at the Bass Pro Shop..... sounds like a redneck joke I know, but it was free, all free, picture and everything. MSN was very tempted to get close to Santa when he held out the candy cane but instead she decided to let me hold her in the picture. You can tell by the looks of me that I wasn't expecting to be in a picture but again it was free!

Friends. We were also able to spend time with lots of our friends this thanksgiving as well. I got to have breakfast with my roomies Mary, Megan and Brooke. Anytime we can sneak in a visit we do. It was so good to all be together and who doesn't love to eat breakfast. I'm sad I didn't snap a picture.

Then we headed to Birmingham Saturday to spend the night with the Stacy's. Adam and Amy just moved into a fancy new house and we enjoyed trying everything out. Mary Selwyn enjoyed running around like a wild woman but she mostly enjoyed Adam and Amy's new puppy Jo-Jo. She and Jo-Jo chased each other around and had a big time and since returning home she has told everyone about "Jo-Jo a dog." Super cute. We had fun with Aunt Amy and Uncle Adam and wish we saw them more.

Sunday afternoon Mary Selwyn had Price's 2nd birthday party to attend. She went up and down and up and down and up and down the slide. Needless to say we were both worn out but it was fun to play with Price, Mary Townsend and Ross....sorry there was no time for pictures with all the sliding.

Safe Travel. We have done a lot of traveling this thanksgiving. Some in separate cars and I can't tell you how thankful I am that we have been blessed with safe travel. I have severe anxiety when it comes to traveling, especially when we are separated. I guess my travel anxiety plus my separation anxiety isn't the best combination.

Unfortunately we had some friends this weekend who weren't as lucky as us. My sister had a friend who was killed in a car accident. It was really sad to see Daphna and her friends grieve the loss of their friend. They are so young.

Monday night we got even more bad news. Taylor's best since the 2nd grade was also killed in a car wreck. Sammy Ritchey and Taylor were the best of inseparable friends for years and years. I literally watched the two of them grow up together. He was the sweetest little red headed freckled faced kid. For us he was a part of the family and even though he and Taylor went in different directions for the last couple of years they did remain friends. Taylor said they talked about hanging out on Saturday night but Samuel said he had to go to bed because he had to leave very early the next morning. We are so heart broken for their family. The worst part is I can't get Taylor to talk about it at all. You know the army has taught him to be Stonewall Jackson and every time I try he changes the subject. I'm probably not the best candidate for talking about it anyway because I immediately start crying myself. I just know it is really hurting him and I'm just worry wart big sister.

It could just happen to anyone at anytime and it is scary. Keep those two families and my brother in your prayers if you will.

On a happier note, tomorrow MSN and I will be the most thankful for our home. We have been gone a whole week and we are both so burned out on being away. Mary Selwyn is a different child away from home and believe me when I tell you that it is time to go. We have enjoyed our family and friends and feasts but we will like nothing more than to be in our own home, in our own beds. Like it says in my all time favorite movie, "There is no place like home," and we can't wait to get back to daddy.

Hope you all had a blessed thanksgiving as well.