Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Risen, Indeed!

Our Easter Sunday in pictures!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little Bit is 2

Today my Adeline turned 2.  I would sit around and cry all day but that wouldn't be fair to Adeline now would it?  Yes, I am THAT mom that doesn't want my kids to grow up, especially my baby.  Mary Selwyn there is no stopping, she is growing fast as she can and loving every minute.  She is always worried about the next birthday.  Adeline not so much.  She enjoys being the "baby" and milking it as much as she can.... probably not a good thing since I'm letting her. 

Bright and early this morning we had a little birthday party before daddy left for work.  I know most moms feed their kids chocolate chip pancakes or french toast for their birthday breakfast treat but I'm a bad mom and give mine straight up cupcakes. 

Adeline is the most hilarious kid.  She is so goofy and silly all the time.  She makes hilarious faces too.  She is big a snuggle bunny and gives the best hugs.  She always tells us she loves us "so much" or "the most."  She is the wonderful blessing that always keeps us laughing.

Right now Adeline is obsessed, and I mean OBSESSED, with the movie Annie.  She can sing words to every song and can even act out some parts of the movie.  We literally watch on repeat these days.  So for her birthday Mommy got on e-bay and lucked out.  I found a little orphan Annie doll and a Punjab doll for cheap....which was tricky because these vintage toys aren't cheap.  Punjab is her favorite character because at the end of the movie, "Punjab saves Tomorrow" is how Adeline tells the story.  During the end of the movie Adeline stands at the TV yelling, "Punjab get Tomorrow, help Punjab." (Sometimes she calls her Annie but mostly Tomorrow.)  So the Punjab was a must have with the Annie doll and Adeline is in love.  She hasn't let them out of her sight yet.

Happy birthday to my little Liney.  We love you so much!!!  I'm going to enjoy the day watching Annie with my little birthday girl and her sissy.

Love my Annie doll

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birthday Beach Trip

Last weekend Shay and I went to the beach to celebrate Shay's 30th birthday.  It isn't until next month but this weekend worked for our BFFs to come too.  Shay isn't really a party person so we decided a trip would be a better celebration for him.  We had a great time.  So relaxing and lazy.  Nothing better.  Our sweet friends Adam and Amy, with twin boys in belly, came and spent some time with us.  It was a long distance but short stay for them but we appreciate them driving just for us.  We totally missed Jeff and Maura, we were hoping to recreate our couples trip from last year.... oh well, next summer will do.

Happy early birthday to Shay.