Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Party

Hey everyone, I'm Adeline. A few months ago my boyfriend Luke wrote a blog about his party so I thought I would take a shot at blogging myself. Mommy might lose her job. This weekend my mommy and daddy planned a really great party to celebrate my 1st birthday. It was supposed to be on Saturday but the weather was really bad so we had to move it to Sunday. Mommy was really stressed out and sad we had to move the party but it didn't make a bit of difference to me. Turns out the party was even better on Sunday because almost everyone could still come and the weather was beautiful.

My party was pretty perfect. Luke's mommy Mandy made me a beautiful banner with my name on it. She also designed my cake table and made cookies from scratch for my party favors....she is one super friend! My family and friends were so sweet to bring me lots of fun presents that I think I will share with my big sister. Then mommy and daddy gave me a little cake to eat all by myself. I decided eating it is cute and all but I thought it would be more fun to rub the icing all over my legs instead. I covered my legs so good that daddy had to put me in the bath tub in the middle of my party. All the excitement was a lot for me to handle so a mid-party nap was necessary while everyone sat around and visited.
Now that I am one I have decided I need to start exploring and learning more so I am now getting into EVERYTHING! I think it's fun....mommy isn't so sure. Turns out she doesn't appreciate my help with the laundry. Mary Selwyn and I are trying to talk mommy into taking us on a ride in our new wagon so I will wrap this up by saying my party was so much fun. I'm a lucky 1 year old. Also, I think from now on I'm going to leave the blogging up to Luke. As much as I enjoy pressing all the keys, I would rather be playing with my sister!

P.S. There are way to many pictures from my party to post on the blog so you can look at all of them if you use this link.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Adeline!

It is hard to believe that at this exact time last year I was sitting in a hospital room waiting to meet my Adeline. We didn't even know that she was going to be an Adeline and now here we are celebrating her first birthday. I will never forget hearing them say, "It's a GIRL!!" What a precious girl she is too. She has been a perfect fit into this family since the moment she arrived. She truly brings us so much joy. She is growing into such a sweet and goofy little girl. She is definitely a ham and keeps us laughing. She makes silly faces and noises, I dread the passing of this phase because it is so fun. Adeline is a loving child passing out hugs and kisses to everyone around her, especially to her big sister!! She loves Mary Selwyn and mimics everything MSN does. Adeline thinks she is just as big as her big sister.

Adeline can say Mama, Dada, Uh Oh and does her baby signs. She is the queen of the fake laugh and it is hilarious. I let Adeline have a lot more freedom then I ever let Mary Selwyn have. Funny how you are different with a second child. She is definitely more independent and entertains herself very well. She is changing everyday at a fast pace. Even though she is growing up so fast, walking, climbing and talking a little, she still feels like my baby. Maybe because I refuse to think of her as a toddler, maybe because she is still a mommy baby that likes for mom to hold her as much as possible....either way I'm trying to savor every inch of baby that might still be in her. First birthdays are so bittersweet to me!

We adore this baby and cannot imagine life without our little Liney Lou. The Lord knew what he was doing when he placed her in our family. I am so thankful for this day last year when we welcomed her to the world and for the wonderful year of her life. She is truly a blessing. Happy Birthday sweet Adeline. We love you!!!

Happy Birthday!!

One year later...a silly girl!!!

Mary Selwyn and Goon made Adeline mini cupcakes for her first birthday. She had one for breakfast...yummy!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"It's my birthday!"

Yesterday I turned 28!! To be honest, at this point it is really just another day except I can get away with things I normally couldn't by simply saying, "It's my birthday!" I can eat TWO pop tarts for breakfast because, "It's my birthday!" I can rudely answer my cell phone during lunch and dinner because, "It's my birthday!" Can't miss calls on your birthday! I can refuse to do laundry, dishes or any other household chores because, "It's my birthday!" Several times yesterday I said, "Adeline, stop crying. It's my birthday!" and "Mary Selwyn, no whining. It's my birthday!" Oddly enough they didn't follow the rules of the "It's my birthday!" phrase! Oh well, better luck next year.

It is really too bad that your birthday is only one day a year, we should really start extending it to a week or once a month or something. I now have to wade through the toys to take care of the stack of dishes, piles of laundry and dirty bathrooms I ignored yesterday because today is only the day after my birthday. Turns out that doesn't count. The whining began first thing this morning and it is back to life as usual. Luckily I wouldn't trade a minute of it, even if every minute does bring me closer to 30!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010


The last week and a half has been quite a whirlwind for us. I feel like I have been all over this state and truth be told I almost have. My first stop was in Auburn to meet Stuart Timothy Patton, Jr. He is the last, but certainly not least of the roommate babies to arrive. He was a Mary Selwyn size baby being 9lbs 6oz so Brooke had to have a c-section also. I think it is so funny that as a group of best friends we all 4 had c-sections. Baby Tim is precious and I was glad to finally get to hold him.

Shay and I then headed to Dothan to pack up our whole house and attend a wedding. Shay had to come back to Madison for work, obviously, so the girls, my mom and I stayed in Dothan for the week to get everything squared away and close on the house. We were able to spend time with all our wonderful friends in the midst of the official "move." We enjoyed pretending like we still lived there for just one more week. Unfortunately it was so chaotic we didn't get to take any pictures, sad. You will all be proud to know that I made through the actual closing without crying and I managed to resist the urge to snatch the keys back out of their hands and scream "It is my house! MINE, MINE, MINE!" That's good right?

With that chapter officially closed we headed back to Prattville to spend Easter with our families. Turns our celebrating Easter wasn't in the cards for us this year. Mary Selwyn and I developed high fevers and couldn't attend church or any family get togethers. This was extremely disappointing!!! It is such an important holiday and we were sad to miss the celebrations. No Easter dresses. No church. No family. No fun! The sickly crew did manage to finally get out of bed to see what goodies the Bunny left for us. These are all our Easter pictures. Hopefully we are on the mend now. MSN has visited the doctor yesterday. She has an ear infection so hopefully the meds will knock it right out. We are a worn out, pitiful bunch of girls....guess an exhausting whirlwind of a week can have that affect on you!

Can you tell we aren't really feeling well??? This is the best picture I could get of the both of them...ha ha.