Saturday, December 6, 2008

Baby Update

I haven't given a baby update lately so here it goes. I went to the doctor the Tuesday before thanksgiving. This was my 18 week appointment and ultrasound. This is the appointment where we could have found out what we are having but I resisted temptation and I'm looking forward to being surprised.

Everything looked perfect. The baby is growing just like it is supposed to and I got some good pictures and video. The heart beat has remained at 158 bpm the whole time. I've had four ultrasounds now and each time the heart beat has been the same.

I did find out that this time I have a front placenta. They said that this is normal but it is creating an extra cushion between me and the baby. This would be why they were unable to find the heart beat the last two appointments and why I can't feel this baby kicking all over the place yet. I felt Mary Selwyn for the first time at 16 weeks and so by this time she was going crazy in there. I was getting worried when I wasn't feeling this baby. Turns out everything is fine it is just going to take a little longer to feel those kicks. Now I have felt it some, but just a little bit every now and then. It isn't the consistent movements I long for but soon enough I'm sure.

Like I said this front placenta thing isn't abnormal but it could be a little tricky for me since I will be having a scheduled c-section. Dr. Nicholls said that if they have to cut through it, not to be too graphic or anything, that it can cause more blood loss. I'm not real excited about the possibility of this because my blood loss is what kept me down for several weeks after Mary Selwyn was born. Apparently my body doesn't reproduce, I'm not sure that is the right word, the blood that I have lost fast enough. The doctor talked for several days last time about giving me a blood transfusion. Thankfully we were able to avoid that. So this worries me a little bit but Dr. Nicholls said we have other things to worry about right now, "like what to buy for Christmas," were his exact words and we will look again later. So overall it was a good report, which we are very thankful for.

Now here are some pictures of our enormous Christmas tree. Normally we go to one of those cozy little Christmas tree farm places to pick out our tree but in an effort to pinch pennies this year we went to Lowe's and boy we got a deal. We ended up with a huge douglas fir tree. I'm positive it is the biggest tree in Dothan (have I ever mentioned that I tend to exaggerate). I love it!! Oh and it was only $40.00!!!! What a steal. We had fun decorating it with Mary Selwyn's help and managed to only break one ornament. We are enjoying how cozy our house is with all the lighted garland and trees. By the way, I still dressed MSN up in a cute candy cane dress to go pick out our tree but she wouldn't be still long enough for me to take her picture looking for trees. Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season as well.

Wouldn't she be the cutest little elf ever?

This is the view of the tree from the recliner that sits in front of it.

Please notice how much taller it is than my back door. That door is 8ft towers it. I told you biggest Christmas tree in Dothan.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We are Thankful

We had a wonderful thanksgiving. Here are a few of things that we were thankful for this trip home.

Family. We got to spend lots of time with all of our family this thanksgiving. My brother Taylor was home for the first time since he enlisted. It was so good to see him. I haven't seen him since May and we have never gone that long without seeing each other. Mary Selwyn calls him Tay-Tay and it is clear as a bell. She has attempted to say Taylor but it comes out more of a Tator, which I guess works too.

Taylor has changed in a lot of ways and is still the same too, if that makes sense. You can tell he has really grown up. We are so proud of him. Oh and he looks like a stud in his uniform.

We were also able to see our grandparents that live here, aunts uncles and cousins. I love getting to see everyone during the holidays. We spent a few days with Shannon, Ben and Kate. Mary Selwyn loves Kate too, it is really cute, she walks around saying "Kate, Kate." Here are some pictures we took for some family Christmas cards and such.

Monday night my family and I took Mary Selwyn to see Santa at the Bass Pro Shop..... sounds like a redneck joke I know, but it was free, all free, picture and everything. MSN was very tempted to get close to Santa when he held out the candy cane but instead she decided to let me hold her in the picture. You can tell by the looks of me that I wasn't expecting to be in a picture but again it was free!

Friends. We were also able to spend time with lots of our friends this thanksgiving as well. I got to have breakfast with my roomies Mary, Megan and Brooke. Anytime we can sneak in a visit we do. It was so good to all be together and who doesn't love to eat breakfast. I'm sad I didn't snap a picture.

Then we headed to Birmingham Saturday to spend the night with the Stacy's. Adam and Amy just moved into a fancy new house and we enjoyed trying everything out. Mary Selwyn enjoyed running around like a wild woman but she mostly enjoyed Adam and Amy's new puppy Jo-Jo. She and Jo-Jo chased each other around and had a big time and since returning home she has told everyone about "Jo-Jo a dog." Super cute. We had fun with Aunt Amy and Uncle Adam and wish we saw them more.

Sunday afternoon Mary Selwyn had Price's 2nd birthday party to attend. She went up and down and up and down and up and down the slide. Needless to say we were both worn out but it was fun to play with Price, Mary Townsend and Ross....sorry there was no time for pictures with all the sliding.

Safe Travel. We have done a lot of traveling this thanksgiving. Some in separate cars and I can't tell you how thankful I am that we have been blessed with safe travel. I have severe anxiety when it comes to traveling, especially when we are separated. I guess my travel anxiety plus my separation anxiety isn't the best combination.

Unfortunately we had some friends this weekend who weren't as lucky as us. My sister had a friend who was killed in a car accident. It was really sad to see Daphna and her friends grieve the loss of their friend. They are so young.

Monday night we got even more bad news. Taylor's best since the 2nd grade was also killed in a car wreck. Sammy Ritchey and Taylor were the best of inseparable friends for years and years. I literally watched the two of them grow up together. He was the sweetest little red headed freckled faced kid. For us he was a part of the family and even though he and Taylor went in different directions for the last couple of years they did remain friends. Taylor said they talked about hanging out on Saturday night but Samuel said he had to go to bed because he had to leave very early the next morning. We are so heart broken for their family. The worst part is I can't get Taylor to talk about it at all. You know the army has taught him to be Stonewall Jackson and every time I try he changes the subject. I'm probably not the best candidate for talking about it anyway because I immediately start crying myself. I just know it is really hurting him and I'm just worry wart big sister.

It could just happen to anyone at anytime and it is scary. Keep those two families and my brother in your prayers if you will.

On a happier note, tomorrow MSN and I will be the most thankful for our home. We have been gone a whole week and we are both so burned out on being away. Mary Selwyn is a different child away from home and believe me when I tell you that it is time to go. We have enjoyed our family and friends and feasts but we will like nothing more than to be in our own home, in our own beds. Like it says in my all time favorite movie, "There is no place like home," and we can't wait to get back to daddy.

Hope you all had a blessed thanksgiving as well.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Slowly but Surely.......

I'm inching out my Christmas stuff. I told myself I would wait until after Thanksgiving but I have failed. My Christmas spirit has taken over and I have given in to the urge to cover my house in lights, garland, nativity scenes, santas, snowmans,trees and ornaments. Shay has been telling me all week that it is too early but then he went to work and left Mary Selwyn and I at home alone to dig out as many decorations as we could.

I started small. First all I did was rearrange my couch with three decorative Christmas pillows. The next day I got a little braver. So far my foyer and my dining room are decked out. Today we put up our fake tree in front of the window in our dinning room for the neighborhood to see. I wrap a ribbon around this tree and display as many Christmas cards as possible in it's branches, an idea that I am pretty sure I copied from Dona Stickler, there is never quite enough room. For breakfast this morning we even ate on some santa plates.

Mary Selwyn is loving my decorations so far.....she has no idea what is in store for her. I have a lot, and I mean a lot of Christmas decorations thanks to my Grandmother. Every year she goes to the after Christmas sales and sends me home with a whole new load of decorations by New Year's. Drives Shay crazy because we already have so much, but my motto is you can never have enough Christmas decorations. Anyway, MSN got so excited when I plugged my Christmas village buildings in and they lit up. The lights on the tree get several "OOOOOOOOHHHHHSSS" every time she walks in the room. So far she has followed directions with the whole look don't touch but I'm sure that will change when we get our real tree and fill it with ornaments. Still to come is my nativity scene and lighted garland that covers my kitchen and some of the dining room.

I know it is early but I will be out of town for a whole week starting Wednesday and I didn't want to wait a whole week after Thanksgiving to decorate. My plan is to get it all up by the time we leave Wednesday so that when we return it will be a Christmas wonderland at the Nichols house. I must say I feel very cozy posting my blog by nothing but the light of my Christmas tree. Here are some pictures that we took today, a very failed attempt at Christmas cards but it was just a trial run. We will get some great ones next weekend out at Meme and Papa's house.

P.S. I have always loved Christmas but I must say that it gets way more exciting when you have children. Oh and I just thought last year was fun, this year it is even more fun now that she is older. I look forward to it getting better and better with every year, especially when she is old enough to really understand the true meaning.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sick little princess

This is what we were supposed to be doing on Sunday afternoon...... ...wearing our princess dress at Mary Townsend's 2nd princess birthday party.

This is what we were doing instead....... ...laying in Mommy's bed watching Blue's Clues with a fever of 102.7! We were so disappointed. Probably me more than MSN because I searched for the perfect princess dress for her to wear to this party and I happen to find this one at Toys R Us for $6.30. Not only a deal but the most perfect dress. This was her first princess birthday party and I couldn't wait to dress her up to go. I love children's birthday parties. I think they are so fun and special. I mean your birthday is the one day a year you get to celebrate you,and let's face it, it gets less fun to do this as you get older so I think you should go all out when you are a kid. If we are invited to a party we try our hardest to be there. Mary Selwyn enjoys all the kids and cake, of course and I enjoy watching her enjoy the atmosphere. So I was sad we had to miss it but Sunday morning she just woke up feeling yucky....what can you do?

It had already been a week of chaos. Shay's truck broke down on Wednesday leaving Mary Selwy and I stranded and stir crazy at the house. Thanks to Mitzi and Kristen I was able to get out and do some Christmas shopping on Friday, which was wonderful. We had to get my dad to come down Saturday afternoon to try and fix Shay's truck. Luckily he was successful and Mary Selwyn got to spend some fun time with her Grampaka.

After a couple terrible nights of sleep, or lack there of, Mary Selwyn has been feeling better and decided to play in her princess dress all day today. Here are some pictures I took of her. We even had the heels to match. I'm also posting two video's. One of the priss pot putting on some make-up.....which is really sidewalk chalk, gross I thought but it won't kill her. The other video of her just chatting it up and saying "I don't know," when I ask her questions. By the way if all that wasn't enough to make for a bad week....tonight I almost caught my kitchen on fire. I sure I hope our luck turns around soon...ha ha.

I could only get one video to post. I'll try the other again later because it is so funny.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

By Special Request

A couple of weeks ago Ann Marie left me a comment saying she would love for me to do a post on all the words that Mary Selwyn can say. Ever since that comment I've been paying extra close attention, not even really on purpose and I will think, "I could add that to the list." So here it goes just for you Mrs. Cook....all the things little Melly can say.

Words she says clear as a bell:
Mama, Mommy-Mommy is a new addition. She says it a lot and very loud. Especially when we are riding in the car or walking through the grocery store. I've recently nicknamed her the "Mommy Bird."
Dada-still a favorite
NO! This may be her most favorite word!!!!
Hi, Hey and Bye- and she knows exactly when to use these. It is really cute. If she just leaves the room she has to turn around and tell you bye.
Coin- I know this seems like a random one but she got this lion bank for her birthday that roars when you put money in it and she will spend hours putting money in. I just give her a cup of coins and she goes to town. I'm thankful for this bank because it taught her early where to put money she finds and not put it in her mouth. Thankful for a piggy bank? Who would have thought.
Bite- but it is much more drawn biiiiiiiite.

Car- she says it very clear but with a Boston accent.
Spoon- it is probably more "poon" but anyone would understand what she is saying. Juice
Peaaaaaaaaseeeee- please is my favorite word. She says it a lot on her own but if she forgets all you have to say is "what do you say," and she will respond with an appropriate please. Sweetest word....I love to hear it.
Meme and Papa- Shay's parents
Duh- that's right unfortunately my 16 month old can say duh. I asked Shay a question not long ago that he apparently felt deserved a "duh" and as soon as he said it Mary Selwyn looked at me and said "duh" in the exact same voice. It is a perfect "duh" and if Shay says "yeah" with that same inflection of his voice she will look at me and say "duh." Funny but not.
Door- she will go to any door and knock on it and yell "doooooooooor," which is her way of saying "open the door!"
Book- it is said kinda quite and fast but it is book.
Baaaag- just bag
We can do all our animal sounds very clearly. Meow, Moo, Baa Baa, Neigh Neigh, Tweet Tweet, Quack Quack. She can even roar like a tiger and grunt like a pig, however the only animal she calls by its actual name is dog. Everything else is referred to by the sound it makes.

Words that may require some interpretation
CooCoo- Chicken. She loves chicken nuggets.
WaaWaa- Applesauce....don't ask me why....I have no clue where she came up with that.
JuJu- of her very first words that she has stuck with. This is for goldfish or fruit loops.
puuuuuuse- purse
dat- that
tookie- cookie
takie- candy....what can I say she's got a sweet tooth like her mama!
siiiiiide- outside or inside
waaaaaak- walk....or go for a walk
pumpy- pumpkin
balanalanalana- banana. She loves bananas.This is one of the words that people love for her to say, it's a real crowd pleaser.
poppy- potty. Don't worry we don't actually do this yet she just knows what and where the potty is. It's a start right.
Grampaka- dad.
Goon- Supposed to be Gran, my mom. Shay loves that she calls my mom Goon and will try to keep this going as long as possible.
Data- Aunt Daphna.
Cogur- color. She loves to color. We do this all day everyday. Peek- pink. Every color is pink right now, even though she knows green and blue too.
Boo- Blue, the color or the dog.
Cooley Cooley- is Clues or Blue's Clues. This is the first thing she asks for every morning as soon as she wakes up. Teve- is Steve naturally....back to the Blue's Clues.

She is saying so many things these days. I know I'm forgetting a bunch. She has turned into a parrot and she is even starting to put words together, which really excites me. She can say "Bye Teve," "Bye Boo," "I cogur," and my favorite is "hi baby," to my tummy. Sweetest thing. If I ask her to try to say a word she will at least try and repeat it and can either say it or get pretty close. Some words I can't even begin to think of a way to type them....she says some form of bath time and clean up but you will just have to trust me on that. We also do a little bit of sign language still. I think the only signs we still do are thank you, change and blue(those last 2 she learned from blues clues.)

She is quite the prissy little thing these days too. She loves make-up. I bought her some fake play make-up for Christmas and I'm tempted to give it to her now. She will bring me my make up bag at least once a day and cry to put on make-up. She loves bags and purses and shoes and hats. She is a mess and she cracks us up daily. Never a dull moment....I love it.

I've saved the best for last. Mary Selwyn is already a huge Auburn fan, despite this season, I'll spare you my thoughts on that though. Anyway, if you know us, you know that we have tons of Auburn paraphernalia so you can find an AU logo just about anywhere inside or outside of our house. Well MSN knows exactly what that AU stands for and she says a form of Auburn. Again I couldn't begin to type what she is saying so I got her to say it on a video. Now in this video she has just woken up from a nap, hence the nap hair and she was extremely grumptastic! So excuse the hair and whining but this is her looking at my cup and saying Auburn.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

4 years and counting!

Thursday marked the fourth year that I have been married to my wonderful husband. On one hand I can't believe it has been four years, it feels like just yesterday. On the other hand I can hardly remember a time when we weren't married, feels like we have been together forever. To be fair we have been together for a total of 10 years this year, so the feeling like forever isn't too far fetched.

What a great four years it has been. I have absolutely enjoyed every minute of being married to Shay. Even though Nashville was a weird time for me I'm so thankful that we had that whole first year away from our family. It was a fun experience learning to rely on just the Lord and each other. I'm even more thankful Shay decided to stay married to me after that crazy year...ha ha. Granted we still don't live in the same town as our family but the hour and a half drive is a lot different than the four hour drive to Nashville.

Shay is truly my best friend. I feel very lucky that he agreed to our blind date 10 years ago. We got to spend the end of high school and college together. We really "grew up" together. I have the best memories of all of our years together. I love Mary Selwyn with all my heart and I'm thrilled that she is in our life but I think it is okay to think back on the days where it was just the two of us and long to relive one of those days every so often. I used to feel guilty thinking that but I'm thankful that those days were great enough that I would even want to relive one of them.

I believe that I have a fabulous husband. He is such a great caretaker and spiritual leader. He has given me a sweet, sweet family that I love more than anything and we are loving watching it grow. He is absolutely everything I could have ever imagined in a husband and father to my children. MSN adores her daddy. Enough with sap, I'm just thankful that the Lord has blessed me with Shay! Happy Anniversary to us!

A picture from our younger days.....what I wouldn't give to look like that again!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Scaredy Cat

Mary Selwyn loves, loves, loves cats. Of course she calls them "meows." She sleeps with a stuffed cat named Caviar and she loves our real cat Silas. I rescued Silas from the humane society when we first moved here. He was my first little baby, unfortunately for Si he has taken a backseat since the arrival of Miss Priss, but I don't think he minds too much. Mary Selwyn and Silas are so good with each other, I was a little surprised but thankful they love one another.

So before Halloween we got some kids magazine in the mail with different costumes in it. Mary Selwyn immediately found the "meow" costume and carried it around for days. So I decided I was going to find her a "meow" costume and it had to match Silas perfectly. Silas is a pretty black and white. It looks like he is wearing a tux so I call him a fancy cat. I was so excited when I found a costume that looked almost exactly like Silas. Mary Selwyn loved her costume and wore it several times around the house just for fun. I couldn't wait to get a picture of her and Si together. One night he came in to eat and I decided it was a perfect photo op, so I dressed up MSN and brought her in the room with Silas.

I have never in my life seen a cat more terrified in my life. Silas could not get away from her fast enough. He peeled out of the kitchen and went and hid behind the chair. His hair was standing up and his eyes were as big as baseballs. Shay opened the back door and he shot out in a hurry. I guess to him it was like looking in a fun house mirror where your reflection is twice your size. It was hilarious, however, I was super disappointed because it didn't look like I would be getting my perfect matching picture. So I figured I would just have to post a picture of her and a picture of our cat seprately.

Mary Selwyn had the best time on Halloween. She and I sat on the front porch with our candy bowl and waited for the trick or treaters. Surprisingly Silas actually made an appearance while we were passing out candy and I guess he had warmed up to her in the cat costume because he didn't run from her. The other dressed up children yes, but not our big kitty. He even hung around long enough for one kid's dad to appreciate my matching cats. This was still the best picture we could get of them...a cat and 16 month old, not the easiest of targets. Anyhow, Mary Selwyn enjoyed Halloween so much that the next morning she grabbed the candy bowl and said "side peaaas," which of course means outside please. So even though I knew there would be no trick or treaters at 8 a.m. Saturday morning we sat on the porch with our candy bowl and waited patiently. It was a lot of fun.

Here are some more pictures of our little "meow" and some with her cousin Kate the bumblebee, that was Mary Selwyn's costume last year.

We also went to the peanut festival on Saturday. Mary Selwyn loved feeding the goats carrots in the petting zoo and all the lights on the midway. They have the best food at the peanut festival. That is the part I look forward to the most. They have this roasted corn that they slather in is like a little slice of heaven. Well MSN loves corn too so there was no way I was getting out of sharing it. She ate that corn right off the cob....I'm sure it is still stuck in her teeth but she loved it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall is my favorite!

So due to my current computer situation I am way behind on my blogs. I'm also way behind on getting to read everyone else's blogs. The whole situation is extremely frustrating so while Shay's computer is staying connected I'm going to post another one. I'm not usually a back to back blogger but I've got to work with what I've got. This will mostly be pictures....probably a lot.

Last Sunday we went to Aplin Farms to the pumpkin patch with our friends the Thompsons. I absolutely love this place and think it is so much fun. We played in the animal barn, Steve shared some inappropriate chicken jokes, we rode the hay ride, picked some sunflowers and called it a day. Mary Selwyn was old enough to enjoy it this year, however, there was so much going on that she wasn't really in to sitting, posing or smiling for pictures so most of these are action shots. She was just too distracted but loved every minute of it. She had fun chasing around Anna Clare and Owen out in the patch. We came back a tad dirty. Mary Selwyn and I even went back on Thursday to buy some pumpkins and play with the animals again.

This weekend we went to Americus, Georgia for my friend Jenny's wedding. We stayed in this old historic hotel, which was neat until we realized that the light in the alley our room was facing went on and off every 40 seconds. Turns out the old walls are also paper thin and the girls in the room next to us partied pretty hard until about 4 a.m. Neat yes, a good nights sleep, no way. However, the weather, wedding and of course the bride was beautiful. It was a lot of fun and I got to spend some fun time with Mary so it was a worth while trip. Jenny and Josh are currently on a two week honeymoon. TWO WEEKS!!! She had no idea where they were going either. I think that is so fun and I'm not at all jealous.....two weeks, who needs that...ha ha. She is no longer Jenny B. and I'm so excited for them.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

15 and 11

A couple of weeks ago Mary Selwyn and I both had doctors appointments. It was my 11 week check up and Mary Selwyn's 15 month check up. My appointment went well. I had another ultrasound because they were unable to find the baby's heart beat with the doppler, which was a little scary, but deep down I was pretty confident that everything was fine. I was right, my little baby was perfect. It had a super strong heart beat and measured exactly where it was supposed to. The nurse said the baby was literally bouncing around. She had a hard time getting some pictures because it wouldn't be still but I left with some really good ones. It is absolutely amazing that at our first ultrasound all we could see was a little bean and only four weeks later I was looking at a baby. I mean hands and feet and even a little nose. I was in awe at how quickly the baby develops. With Mary Selwyn I only saw her as a bean and my next ultrasound was at 20 weeks when she was almost fully developed. It was neat to get to see what a difference there is from week to week. What a blessing.

Then I had to take MSN for her doctor's appointment. It was not a fun experience at all. We of course had to wait 30 minutes and I am chasing Mary Selwyn all over the office trying to keep her hands off of all the babies in the waiting room. Must have been baby day because there were at least 8 I had keep her away from. Mary Selwyn has developed a real fear of the doctor lately. She tends to do better with the female nurses and of course we had a male nurse that day. I guess she assumes he is the doctor and she starts screaming as soon as he walks in. She screams when they take her temp and even when they weigh her. After he left the room, she sat in my lap and whimpered for the rest of the time and even started crying again when she heard the nurse's voice outside our door. Then Dr. Barron walked in and it got worse. I don't know how he can hear anything through that stethoscope with her screaming like that.....and trust me one thing Mary Selwyn is without any doubt is loud!!! (I know she gets it from her Mama.) Anyway by the time we left I felt like I had been hit by a train. It was exhausting....not just for me but her too I'm sure. Now I dread the appointments just as much as she does. She of course checked out perfectly too. I have two perfect babies so far, I know she's not a baby anymore. She was in the 90th percentile of height and weight, no surprise there.

I can't believe that she is 15 months old already. Hurts my heart....I love watching her grow and change everyday but I want her to be my baby forever....I think I might be the only one who still calls her a baby. Everyone else refers to her as a toddler.....I can hardly stand it. She is so funny and sweet. Her new favorite thing is to sing songs, she just babbles to her own little tune but it is the sweetest tune you have ever heard. She loves to play with her baby dolls and her newest obsession is Blue's Clues. She asked to watch Blue's Clues all day long. I have limited to her to two episodes in the morning and two in the afternoon. She loves Blue and I have to admit I kinda like it too. I love that she will curl up in my lap and watch a whole episode while I snuggle her. You can't beat that. She also has a stuffed cat named Caviar that she loves to sleep with. That was the name on the tag, not the name we picked but she loves him. Before bed or nap time I say "Where is Caviar?" and she searches the room until she finds him and gets right in her bed with no resistance. She is finally, knock on wood, sleeping through the night. The earliest she gets up is 4:30 and then she just wants some milk and to snuggle for the last two hours but sometimes she even makes it to 5:30. I never thought we would see this day, or night rather. I'm thankful it has come before baby #2 arrives.

So enough rambling, I think you get how much I adore her so here are some pictures of my big girl and a video of her singing a song in the bath tub. It is always a little cuter naked don't you think?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This weekend we headed to Auburn for the game and some tailgating fun. My friend Amy and I attempted to organize a Pledge Class Reunion tailgate. It was a lot of fun and gave us the opportunity to visit with some girls we haven't seen in forever, some literally since college. Mary Selwyn had such a big time. She loved every minute of tailgating. She definitely takes after her parents and is destined to be a tailgating queen. She walked and walked and walked. She also said "HI" to every person she walked by.

Mary Selwyn made friends with a little Tennessee fan. They were tailgating by us and they became instant friends, teams aside.

Mary Selwyn also enjoyed Sweet David Coblentz and Simms Goodwin. Unfortunately for MSN, Simms slept almost the whole tailgate. Mary Selwyn kept sneaking over to Simms' stroller to shake it and wake her up. The last three or so times Simms did open her eyes briefly and then drifted back off but by about the sixth or seventh time Simms did eventually wake up.

It was a fun weekend. It was so good to see all the girls, especially Haley and Margaret who I haven't seen in four years. We got to catch up and eat good food....what two things are better? Here are the rest of the pictures from this weekend. War Eagle!

P.S. My computer died, I mean like black screen, does nothing dead! So I'm having to use Shay's computer......which is his work computer and is hard to use. This is my first attempt at the blogging on here so sorry if it seems weird.....It posts pictures weird so I just kind of have to go with it for now. Maybe I'll catch on soon.