Monday, September 6, 2010

Since we've been gone...

I've been missing from the blog world lately. I don't know why but I just can't seem to find the time to sit and do a blog, but I assure you it is not from lack of trying. So here we go. Buckle up, it is going to be a long one.

Since we've been gone....Both of my sweet girls had their well check ups. We are definitely glad to be back in Dr. Barron's office. Okay, lets start with our big girl. Still hard to believe Mary Selwyn is 3 years old. She still weighs 36 pounds. She has been the same weight for a year. She was 75% in height and weight so I guess her growth is evening out and we are no longer in the 95+ percentiles. She is smart and beautiful and polite. The doctor is always impressed with her. Mary Selwyn got a very unpleasant surprise while were at her check-up. TWO SHOTS!! I told her she wouldn't be getting any shots......boy was I wrong. Apparently there was a shortage of 2 vaccines when she was a baby so she missed the the last 2 and had to make them up. Ouch! She was NOT happy to say the least. A chocolate milkshake eased the pain, but only a little. She should be good on shots until she kindergarten so hopefully I won't unintentionally lie to her next time. The drama factor has definitely been increased since we turned 3. Mary Selwyn loves barbies these days. She also loves Toy Story and all Princess stuff, well rounded right? She is getting really good at drawing, or what I think is good for a 3 year old. She is still my little song bird and I love to hear her sing real or made up songs. Looking at Mary Selwyn is like looking at Shay, but she has my personality 100%.

Now onto Liney girl. Adeline weighed 24 pounds and was 32 inches long. She is our little runt! She was 50% in weight and 75% in height. She can say juice, cracker, more, mine, mommy, dad-dy, papa, meme, grampaka, down, out, poop, gone-gone, shoes, juice, cracker (she says this ALL the time. All she ever wants is a cracker) rock-rock, car, ride, hi, bye, don't know, sit, gum (because big sis always wants gum) meow (does that count as a word) and love you. So love you is more just mimicking the sound and sounds more like "wub woo" but it counts. I'm sure I'm forgetting other words she is getting difficult to keep up because she says a new word (or 10) everyday. My most favorite word she says is "Sissy." It is so cute and sweet and she walks all over the house calling for her sissy. She can also say a few sentence like: I want juice, I want more and I want cracker. She's becoming a smarty pants. Adeline started taking a pacifier when I stopped nursing, not looking forward to breaking that habit either. She calls her paci a "happy" and that makes the habit a lot cuter. She is still very cuddly and loving but she can also be a real bully. She picks on MSN and is a little jealous of her... you wouldn't think I would describe my second child that way but it is the truth. Adeline is such a ham. She is so funny and goofy and has the funniest facial expression. People say she is mommy's mini-me but so far she seems to have daddy's personality!!

My girls have been "fighting" lately. We are getting to the point where they are starting to fight over toys, over mommy, over food and whatever else. You can always tell this is happening because you will hear MSN let out a scream followed by Adeline letting out a big, "MIIIIINNNNEEE." It was bound to happen but they love each other twice as much as they irritate each other. Most of the time they can't even stand to be in separate rooms. I love it. Everyday with my children is such a precious gift and I am loving every minute, even the hard days. The other day I told Shay that I had the best job in the world even if my employees are sometimes difficult.

Since we've been gone...My girls started "school" or Little Lambs (MDO) and they are loving it. Well, Mary Selwyn is loving it. Adeline would rather be with mommy but she is tolerating it. Mary Selwyn would go everyday if she could. She loves to play with other children and get out of the house. Maybe Adeline will learn to love it. I'm glad they are back at First Pres with their sweet staff. This is the best "first day of school" picture I could get of them.

Since we've been gone...My grandparents from Texas and my Uncle Larry from California came to visit. It was such a fun visit because we miss them all so much. It had been way to long since we have seen Uncle Larry. This was the first time he had met Adeline and she loved him. They were instant buddies. Both of the girls enjoyed Nana and Poppy's visit and they keep asking me when they are moving closer???? Hmmmm.... still waiting for that answer. (wink, wink)

Since we've been gone...We have gotten all geared up for football season. War Eagle! The girls sweet "Aunt" Amy made them these Auburn dresses and they couldn't be more perfect.

Since we've been gone...We took our annual family beach trip this Labor Day weekend. It was great. This year, Mary Selwyn finally loved playing in the sand and the waves. Adeline enjoyed the sand, not so much the waves but at least this year we did get to spend some time on the actual beach, not just the pool. However, the sand and salt water are not good on Adeline's skin. It made her eczema flare up again. We went from her skin finally being virtually free of all eczema to her looking like a leopard with all these eczema spots covering her body. Poor thing. The girls had fun playing with their cousins Kate and Kinley and staying up late watching fireworks. It was a fun family trip as always. We are worn slap out.

Okay, I think that is a pretty good wrap up. I will try not to get this far behind again... I've missed blogging!
P.S. If you notice Adeline makes a silly face in almost every picture....that is her "cheese" face. Whose idea was it to teach our children to say cheese when taking pictures?? It makes my kids have silly faces.