Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 Months

Really?? Already?? Where does the time go? I can't believe it has been 2 months since Adeline was born. I guess in some ways it seems like just yesterday and in some ways it feels like she has been a part of this family forever.

I took her for her 2 month appointment yesterday and the doctor said she looks great. She weighed 12 pounds exactly and was 24 inches long. That put her in the 75% of weight and almost 90% for height. So different from Mary Selwyn. She probably weighed 12 pounds at her 2 week check up and she is always in the 95% for height and weight. Both my girls definitely get their height from their daddy's side of the family.

Adeline has been such a sweet addition. She is so laid back and happy. She never gets aggravated with Big Sister being in her face almost ALL the time. She is sleeping about 4 sometimes 5 hour stretches in her crib.....again WAY better than MSN. She has the most precious smile and sparkling eyes. I just want to eat her little face but instead I just cover it in kisses constantly, luckily she doesn't seem to mind that either. Again, I cannot believe it has been 2 months. I hate that time goes by so quickly. I think this "baby" age is the sweetest age for a mama. It is such a special time and they just don't stay that way long enough for this mama. We love our little Liney Lou!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mommy's BIG Helper

I'm not sure if you can fully understand what is going on in this picture so I will explain. I changed Adeline's diaper and took her gown off and left her laying on the ottoman while I went to get both the girls clothes to put on for the day. This is what I found when I returned......

Mary Selwyn had undone Adeline's diaper and was putting diaper rash cream all over her sister's belly. She said, "I change Adeline's diap, diap mommy." Guess I won't be leaving her laying there anymore.

That same day my friend Katherine came to visit and meet Adeline. She is getting ready to leave for Washington in a few weeks and we are glad she was able to squeeze in a visit. K.K. is a sweet college friend and I am so thankful that we have maintained a great friendship even though we have almost always been in totally different places in our lives. We love her and ever since she left Mary Selwyn has been asking "Where Katrin go?"

Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy's Girls

This one is his spitting image and worships the ground he walks on. He is her favorite playmate and she chooses him over everyone else. She lives for 5 o'clock everyday and lights up when he walks through the door. She is the true definition of a daddy's girl.

This one already smiles so big when her daddy looks at her. She is always perfectly content in his arms. It won't be long before she too is jumping out of my arms into his.

And this one selfishly spent Father's Day weekend with him alone on a beach getaway. The weather and water was beautiful. It was a very relaxing way to celebrate. Thank you Shay for always putting us first and revolving your world around us. You are the best. We love you and hope that you enjoy coming home to a house full of girls who ADORE you. Happy Father's Day.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Family Visits

My Nana and Poppy have been here this last week visiting. They live in San Antonio, which is entirely too far away but Poppy seems to be stubbornly attached to that town so looks like they will be there for a while. We went to Prattville last weekend to see them and got a speeding ticket with two screaming children in the car, (couldn't leave that fun tidbit out) and they came down here on Thursday to visit us.

They got a hotel room at a place that had an indoor pool so we took Mary Selwyn swimming in the "big pool" yesterday and today. She is a regular little fish. She had on floaties for the first time and ring around her waist and she just took fear of course. She isn't wild about water in her face but I guess she was having too much fun to worry much about it. Of course she inhaled some water. This totally freaks me out because I am terrified of dry drowning, it is a real thing I swear, look it up. I am the most ridiculous worrier in the whole world. Sometimes I think I find things to worry and be anxious about, ridiculous. It feels like something I can't seem to control but I stay in constant prayer about it. I've read the book Calm My Anxious Heart, I think it might be time to pull that out again. Now I have totally digressed and rambled.

We had a great visit with Nana and Poppy. It is never long enough and we miss them terribly. The just packed my girls up and headed back to Prattville for the weekend. Shay and I are headed to the beach for a Mommy and Daddy only trip. I am very excited but missing my girls like crazy already. I didn't have this hard of a time leaving Mary Selwyn and I know she is in hog heaven being with grandparents this weekend but adding Adeline to the mix is making it hard for me to be away from them. Once we get to the beach I will be much better. Sleeping late and lounging on the beach all day.... I really cannot wait. However, sitting here alone in my house just waiting to leave is making me miss my munchkins. Here are pictures from our visit. Wow, this turned out to be a weird, random and rambling blog.
Mary Selwyn swimming with Grampaka. I took more pictures but they all turned out fuzzy because she wouldn't be still. This was the best one.

Adeline in her new bathing suit. She didn't actually get in the water but it was so cute I had to let her wear it to the pool.
The girls with their great grandparents, Nana and Poppy. Mary Selwyn wasn't happy about having to take this picture because she was ready to get in the car and go to Prattville. You can guess it was just killing her to leave her mama....ha ha.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Big Day

Today was Mary Selwyn's first day of Mother's Morning Out. Okay... so it wasn't that big of a day but it kind of was for me. I might be a little dramatic but I have never left her somewhere, other than Mitzi's, for 4 hours so I can go run errands or do whatever else I need or want. I was almost a little bit sad, which is ridiculous because I signed her up for this. I mostly signed her up for the summer program so that she would have a couple days a week to get out of the house. Since the arrival of Adeline we haven't been out and about much. First of all it is too hot and I can get a little overwhelmed by thought of two kids and parking lots. We are getting more brave as time goes on.

Mary Selwyn was so excited to go to "school" as you can tell by the picture I took before we left. She wouldn't let me take a picture until I put her in the car so she knew we were really going. Of course she cried when I left her but I think that was because there were two other kids screaming when I dropped her off. I made sure she had stopped crying before I left like a good mama should and when I went to pick her she didn't want to leave. I asked her if she was ready to go home and she said, "No mama, I want to stay and jumpy, jump with Co." I don't know what they were jumping on and Co is Owen her little best friend. I'm glad they are in the same class. Tonight we took her to McDonalds and let her play on the "payground" so she had a big day. Maybe she will sleep later than 6 a.m......keep dreaming Mom.

Here are some pictures from Amber and Price's visit last week. They come every year at this time and we always enjoy having them. We took the kids to Chuck E Cheese. Price doesn't get to go very often since the one in Montgomery is in a less than desirable location. They had a great time. Thanks for coming guys, we had so much fun.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What makes us happy?

This precious smiling baby.

These two silly girls. Notice big sister took time out of her daily Dora to give little sister a kiss and point out her nose of course.

This is what makes us happy.....or sad...or mad....We are very emotional in this house.

P.S. I don't know if I have mentioned how much I am enjoying my new computer. Shay gave me a laptop for my "baby" gift. Not as sentimental as the ring I got when I had Mary Selwyn but this is a great gift that I desperately needed. Now I'm always looking for things to blog about. Thank you to my sweet hubby.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

You Know it was a good nap.....

....when you wake up with crazy hair like this!

Mary Selwyn has been playing with this little glass tea set for the past two days. I don't think she has put it down once since we found it. It has been the first and last thing she does everyday. As you can see she put on a tea party with her babies right after nap. She did this all by herself. It was so cute and she has been playing so sweetly. She will say, "Play tea party with me, Mama." It almost makes me forget about the terrible two moments and ginormous fit she threw on Tuesday over the play-doh.....almost.

This was our attempt at pigtails on Sunday afternoon. The picture is fuzzy but I am so proud that we have enough hair to even attempt them so I had to share.