Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's called improvising

This child wants a pink, three wheeled princess scooter something terrible.  She must ask me for it everyday.  I told her she could have one for her birthday.  Sadly her birthday isn't until July, so in the meantime she has decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own scooter.  This used to be the pink shopping cart that Santa brought the girls.  Mary Selwyn took off the basket part and voila, a pink scooter (sort of).  Mary Selwyn is quite proud of this scooter and calls it just that her "scooter."  She rides that thing in circles around the house and begs for me to let her ride it outside.  Of course it isn't as sturdy as a real scooter because, well it's not actually a scooter, so I havent let her ride it on the concrete yet.  The tumbles in the house are enough for this mom.
Wearing the new bathingsuit Meme sent her, riding in style, duh!

ZOOMING past.... I promise it's not as fast as it looks, just good photography (or bad) ha ha.

Poor kid, I guess she will be riding the shopping cart until July.  A scooter is a little too large of a gift for the Easter Bunny to carry.  It's tough being three.... at least she is inventive.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Blog Friends

This is Sipsey.  Her mom, Lauren, and I were pledge sisters at Auburn.  Thanks to blogs we have been able to really keep up with each other and all of our life happenings.  I love that about blogs (and facebook).  Mary Selwyn LOVES to look at blogs with me and see the pictures of all the kids in the other families I keep up with.  Lauren's blog is one of her faves because of that fabulous picture of Sipsey in her pig tails that used to be at the top.  Sipsey always makes the most hilarious faces in her pictures and MSN could look through them for days and never get bored. 

Well this week we Mary Selwyn had the opportunity to play with the one and only, real live Sipsey!  I don't think she could have been more excited and must have asked me one million times when she would be arriving.  Even though they have never actually met, both Mary Selwyn and Sipsey insist that they have been friends forever.  The girls had the best time spending the afternoon together playing in the sprinklers and just being silly.  It was such a treat for me to get to visit with Lauren too.  I haven't seen her in several years but it felt like we see each other all the time.  It was a super fun play date and Mary Selwyn and Adeline have talked about Sipsey and when she is coming back to visit ever since.  I don't have the heart to tell them that she lives 9 hours away.  They are both a little dramatic and I don't think they would handle that news very well.  Although Lauren and I knew each other long before the blogs, I consider Mary Selwyn and Sipsey "blog friends."  It's like a new type of pen-pal. (: Thank you Lauren and Sipsey for making time to play with us during your visit to Alabama.  We so wish you lived here!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Our first Betty

This is Betty.  She was Mary Selwyn's 3rd birthday present.  Well, we had our first experience with "pet loss" this week when little Betty went belly up.  Poor Betty.  She had terrible caretakers and was for the most part pretty neglected.  We did feed her regularly but the whole changing of the water thing wasn't really for us.  I had a fish like this in college named Carl and I took much better care of him, not sure why Betty didn't get the same treatment.  Anyway, Betty was a member of our family for 8 months, which is impressive considering her accommodations. 

I'm not sure why but the fact that Betty died made me laugh.  Mary Selwyn on the other did not take the news of Betty's passing as well as I had anticipated.  When we told her she burst into tears of course and had a complete melt down.  Seeing her that sad made mommy cry too..... except while I was crying I was laughing a little too.  Again, not sure why.  She has said several times that she "still misses Betty."  I told her one day soon she can pick out another fish.  That is the beauty of fish, they can easily be replaced.  So I'm positive this was the first of many Bettys for us.  Rest in peace Betty.  Hope you are happy in that big fish bowl in the sky (Lord knows it is much cleaner).

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Sweetest Things

Nothing better than clean and happy children!