Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pictures from our 4th

Here are some pictures from our long independence day weekend. We spent the weekend with Shay's parents building our fence. Well, lets be honest, my contributions were very minimal. What can I say I'm not much of an outside, manual labor kind of girl, sorry. I do happen to have super sweet in-laws who are always willing to help us out, especially with outside jobs. They are the best. Mary Selwyn and I took some time out on Saturday to go to the Yates house so Mary Selwyn and Cohen could take a quick dip in the frog pool. It was not our typical river spent fourth of July but it was a fourth of July none the less. Hope you all had a happy one too!

After playing in the sprinkler we let MSN run around outside in her diaper....we can do that now we have a fence!

Busy Worker Bees.

Cohen was not real excited about pool time but Mary Selwyn had a surprisingly good time anyway. She climbed in and out of the pool over and over. That's right the Nichols family is officially fenced in!


Lindsey said...

Come on, you could've let her run around in her diaper before you got a fence! haha

Jenny said...


cute pics!! she is so precious! love the background!

Kristen said...

That frog pool is adorable. I'm with you on the outdoor manual labor thing. Next week sounds great!

Carrie said...

We have that pool!!!! I haven't blown it up yet (and by I, I mean Anthony...he has more hot air than me...haha) because Ansleigh is just getting good at sitting.

The fence looks amazing!!!!