Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This weekend we headed to Auburn for the game and some tailgating fun. My friend Amy and I attempted to organize a Pledge Class Reunion tailgate. It was a lot of fun and gave us the opportunity to visit with some girls we haven't seen in forever, some literally since college. Mary Selwyn had such a big time. She loved every minute of tailgating. She definitely takes after her parents and is destined to be a tailgating queen. She walked and walked and walked. She also said "HI" to every person she walked by.

Mary Selwyn made friends with a little Tennessee fan. They were tailgating by us and they became instant friends, teams aside.

Mary Selwyn also enjoyed Sweet David Coblentz and Simms Goodwin. Unfortunately for MSN, Simms slept almost the whole tailgate. Mary Selwyn kept sneaking over to Simms' stroller to shake it and wake her up. The last three or so times Simms did open her eyes briefly and then drifted back off but by about the sixth or seventh time Simms did eventually wake up.

It was a fun weekend. It was so good to see all the girls, especially Haley and Margaret who I haven't seen in four years. We got to catch up and eat good food....what two things are better? Here are the rest of the pictures from this weekend. War Eagle!

P.S. My computer died, I mean like black screen, does nothing dead! So I'm having to use Shay's computer......which is his work computer and is hard to use. This is my first attempt at the blogging on here so sorry if it seems weird.....It posts pictures weird so I just kind of have to go with it for now. Maybe I'll catch on soon.


Jenny said...

so cute!! Looks like ya'll had a great time. You look great!

Kristen said...

LOVE her Auburn dress! And the one with the little TN fan is too cute!!!

Margaret said...

We had a WONDERFUL time at the tailgate! Thank you for thinking it up and hopefully we can do it again! It was so good to see everyone!!

mitzi said...

Great pictures!!!

Courtney said...

I'm so sad I missed out on such fun! Boo for work! I missed you guys & am glad you had fun. You look great!