Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Basketball Lover

First let me say that I'm so glad that the Led Zeppelin onesie/post got such rave reviews. I guess there is a little rocker in everyone. Oh and Brooke, I promise to save it and pass it down to you one day just for Tim!

Now on to today's post. Last weekend Shay and I took Mary Selwyn to her first Auburn basketball game. Shay and I attended every Auburn basketball game while we were in school. We would even drive up on our Christmas break to watch them. We love basketball. I think it is so fun and exciting and non-stop action. I love it. Shay gets ridiculously frustrated with Auburn basketball and yells and screams, this I love too, it is entertaining most of the time. Shay yells at the TV so much while we are watching sports of any kind that every time basketball or football is on our TV Mary Selwyn stops what she is doing to yell, "GO, GO Ball!!!" over and over and over. So you can only imagine how excited I was to get to take her to see the game in person.

She really enjoyed the lights and music and announcing of the players and as soon as she saw them bounce that orange ball on the court she yelled "GO, GO BALL!!!" She also said Auburn a thousand times looking at the big AU that is in the middle of the court. However, she did NOT enjoy sitting up high, which really wasn't that high. This child totally takes after her mother and is a huge sissy. She didn't want to stand in the aisle or anything. She just clung to daddy. So I took her down and we walked around the outside and got a shaker, which made everything better, until half time so daddy could enjoy the first half. Then all three of us went and sat down in the lowest level. She became a different child, running all over the place and cheering and having the best time. Guess she is just afraid of heights. It was a very fun day and I'm proud to say Mary Selwyn is already a sports lover like her Daddy and Mommy, which is a good thing because she has a long life of sporting events ahead of her, ha ha. Auburn wasn't able to pull out the win, which was frustrating but let's be honest, we are used to that. Here are the pictures from that day....I didn't get to take as many as I wanted because I was chasing around our little fan. War Eagle!
This is the only picture we took of the three of us so I thought I would share it even though I hate it. Excuse my lack of lipstick but I had just finished stuffing my face with Momma Goldbergs, yum! It was such a nice day and Uncle Tay Tay met us to eat outside for lunch. Mary Selwyn hasn't developed a taste for Momma G's yet so she enjoyed free chicken nuggets and ice cream from Chick-fil-A thanks to auntie Ashley.

This is the up high, not real sure face.

She was much happier in the lower section.

Cheering like crazy, too bad she was facing the people behind us instead of the court.


Ann-Marie said...

so cute! i am so glad you and the fam had a blast. i just can't get over how big msn has grown. it's not fair, is it mommy?

Jenny said...

she is so cute. I love her little outfit!!

Kristen said...

War Eagle, MSN!!!

Maile said...

Of course she was facing the crowd and not the court... she's such a people person!