Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun with Friends

Megan, Mary, Ross and Mary Townsend came to visit us this week for Spring Break. We had so much fun. The kids played and played. Mary Selwyn really enjoyed having, "Woss and Town," spend the night. Shay was even brave enough to keep all three kids so Mary, Megan and I could go out for a nice, quiet dinner. Such a sweet husband. We were able to enjoy each other's company and have really good conversation. Megan and I gave Mary many suggestions on how to run her business and reduce stress in her life...ha ha... what fun would life be without friends to really butt in your life. I really needed some girl time. I know I say this every time but it is just so refreshing to get to spend time with them. Just puts me in such a better mood. (We did miss you Brooke.) Here are some pictures of the kids and the fun times they had.

Townsey had a hard time sharing her big brother at first. Ross was so sweet to MSN.

A little Girl time for Mary Townsend and Mary Selwyn.

Three little monkeys on my window sill.

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Margaret said...

What a fun time! It's always good to have a change-up in the ole routine, esp. if it's fun company! I CANNOT believe you have 5 weeks left!!! I hope you post right away once baby is born! Do you still not know what "it" is?