Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day...a week late. We had a good Mother's day. We decided to go home on Saturday and surprise everyone. Shay's grandparents hadn't seen Adeline yet and Grandma was about to bust. She was excited when we showed up at church. Everyone was surprised and glad to get to love on the girls for a little while. It was a fun day spent with our families.

Please excuse that tired look on my face. I'm hoping it will return to normal one day.

Adeline and Greatdaddy

Adeline and Greatmama

Mary Selwyn and Papa riding the horse. We were all surprised she was brave enough to get on. Yes, she is riding the horse in nothing but her diaper and sandals. While I was tending to Adeline, Shay, with the encouragement of some other family memebers, made the executive decision that her dress was too hot and took it off of her and let her run around outside almost naked. Oh well.

I am thankful the Lord has allowed me to be a mommy to two beautiful girls. It was a very happy mother's day for one tired mommy. (:


Lauren said...

You are brave to travel so soon! I hated traveling with Sipsey when she was that young. But it looks like it was worth it! Glad you had a happy day!

Jenny said...

Is it just me or do they already look just alike!! No denying they are sisters!!! so sweet. I am glad you had a good Mother's Day!! ps- and thanks for saying you got sick too. I feel like everyone I talk to says "they never got sick" and it just makes me want to scream!! haha!!

Kristen said...

Love them in their outfits! Mary Selwyn's hair is getting long!