Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving for 4

This year, I decided that we were staying home for Thanksgiving, just the four of us. There were many factors that played into this decision but the main one is that the last year of our life has been utter chaos. It has by far been the hardest year on my marriage, my kids and our family as a whole. I could think of nothing better than staying at home for a calm, non-traveling Thanksgiving. Thankfully Shay agreed. Shay made a delicious ham and I made all the sides (minus the dressing Mitzi contributed). I had very messy, I mean good kitchen help. I'm proud to say our Thanksgiving dinner turned out very yummy. We plowed through our leftovers.

Although I love seeing our families, especially on holidays, I am so glad I made this selfish decision. More than ever it was so important to me for it to be just the four of us spending time together and being thankful for one another. It was so special and my heart was so full that I cried at the dinner table during our meal. I am truly thankful for my family and the weekend we have had together.

The Kitchen Help

Notice how much flour and brown sugar ended up on the counter instead of in the casserole. (:

I almost forgot to mention that when we were eating Shay asked Mary Selwyn what she was thankful for and she said, "I am thank-you for me because I am the best cooker. This food is yummy." It was pretty funny. Shay said, "That wasn't really what I was thinking," and she said, "I am thank-you for Mommy, Daddy and Adeline too." That was more like it!

Our little Indians. Mary Selwyn made an Indian dress with her cousin Kate. Mommy tried to make Adeline one out of the only paper bag in the was a pretty sad attempt but it worked for the 30 seconds she wore it.

Notice the color of our feathers..... War Eagle! What a stressful dream season! We enjoyed watching the game a celebrating just the four of us too!

Of course we spent the rest of the weekend decorating for Christmas. The girls are loving all our lights. We put a tree up on our front porch and garland on our white picket fence. I told Shay our house really does look like that white picket fence house they say every little girl dreams about. I'll have to post some pictures when I take some.The girls also have little trees in their bedrooms this year. Adeline drags you to her room every chance she gets to show you her tree and tell you, "Mineeee," just in case you were confused as to who it belonged to.
I am also very proud to say that I addressed, stuffed, stamped, licked (with a little help from Shay) and mailed my Christmas cards. I must admit it is so nice to have that done and out of the way.

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as special as mine. Now we are in the Christmas spirit, are you?


The Weimer Family said...

Sounds like a cozy Thanksgiving and weekend! I was so impressed when I got your Christmas card in the mail johnny on the spot!! I loved the pictures of the girls. I can't believe how grown up they are!!

Lauren said...

I can't believe I have already received your Christmas card (it was the first!). You are on top of things. We decided after Sipsey was born that Thanksgiving would be OUR holiday. We will always stay home now! Selfish or not, you have to do things to save your sanity sometimes. If someone wants to come visit us, that is wonderful, but we certainly enjoyed our non-traveling holiday.

Margaret said...

What a special thanksgiving! Sounds wonderful and after being in the car traveling for 5 hours for ours, I'm envious! An d so impressed with the christnas cards-i haven't even ordered mine yet-ugh. LOVE the girls dresses in your header pic!

mitzi said...

Great post and pictures. Love the seasonal blog page design.

kristen said...

So sweet. Love the picture at the top of them looking at each other. My girls love the trees in their room too. Glad y'all had a very special Thanksgiving!

Maile Gowing said...

I love the pictures! The girls are so big! I can't believe we've missed them growing up so much. Miss you.

The Dennis Family said...

Oh my gosh!!! YOU GO!!! Umm the girls are adorable and getting so big - I can't believe it!