Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little Shay and Little Denise

Little Shay.  Mary Selwyn has been called little Shay since the day she was born.  I will admit she might look a tad more like her daddy than like me but as I have mentioned before her personality is just like her mommy's.  Mary Selwyn is a social butterfly.  She loves to go, go, go.  She gets upset if we aren't on the go.  She loves to have her friends over to play and loves even more to go their house.  All she talks about all day long are all her different friends (she is slightly boy crazy, I'm afraid).  She has so many already it is hard to keep track. 

Mary Selwyn is already a people pleaser.  She hates for people to be upset with her and if we even raise our voice she immediately says, "Don't be mad at me."  This is not a trait of mine that I am proud I've passed on to her.  It isn't necessarily a bad thing to want others to be happy but lets face it, you can never make everyone happy.  If she truly is like me in this way then she has a long life ahead of her worrying about, stressing over and killing herself to make everyone else happy.  Oh how I pray this wont really be the case for her....not loooking good so far.  She is also extremely sensitive.  I should apologize to her for passing on all these traits....oops.

Mary Selwyn loves to play with barbies and little people.  She has a great imagination and can be very particular about the way she plays.  She loves to line them up or sit them all around tables and gets very upset when Adeline (her not as delicate little sister) gets things out of order.

Mary Selwyn is also a little fashionista these days.  She wants to get dressed immediately when she wakes up in the morning and she NEVER wants to wear "warm clothes."  This is a challenge since it happens to be WINTER right now.  She can put together some interesting outfits and she always has to have shoes on to complete her "outfit."  She also refuses to wear pants.  Only dresses and skirts!  I believe I have created a monster in her when it comes to dressing. (:

Our Melbo is sweet, smart, funny, silly and dramatic.  She still tells us she loves with almost every other breath.  She is a tad bit of a whiner but we love her anyway.  Since we have identical personalities there are many days we "bump heads."  She is growing so fast I can't stand it.  When I try to tell her to stop growing up she responds, "Mommy I have to grow up but don't worry I'll still be your little girl."  She is so right!!

Little Denise  Oh little mini-me in looks but such a little Shay is personality.  Adeline is such a hoot.  She is goofy and silly and always keeps you laughing.  She is messy and not nearly as dainty as her sister.  She is the opposite of Mary Selwyn in so many ways.  She has what I like to call an "irritator" type personality (not that irritator is a real word).  She picks on all of us but can't stand to be picked on....uh-um can you say SHAY!!  She loves to bust up in the middle of MSN playing so nicely and knock over her barbie house like King Kong.  She can infuriate her Sissy so easily already.  We are definitely in for it.  Mary Selwyn always wants mommy and daddy happy and Adeline, not so much.  She will probably be more of a challenge to raise, hope we are ready.

Adeline loves babies.  I mean LOVES babies.  They are the only thing she plays with gently.  She carries them around, feeds them, rocks them and soothes them.  She is always whispering when they are in her arms and says, "baby crying."  Her favorite baby these days is actually my baby doll, Elizabeth.  She is 25 years old and looks like it but both the girls love her and say she is "very special."  Adeline calls her "baby bis-a-beth."  It is the sweetest thing.  She holds Bis-a-beth's hands and makes her walk.  She is always so proud to show us her baby walking.  She is already a very good mommy!!

Liney has a serious temper and a very loud scream/cry.  It is like there is a mega phone attached to her mouth sometimes.  She gets frustrated easy and just does not understand when she doesn't get her way.  Sometimes you can't help but laugh but again, we know we are in for it.

She is still very much a "mommy girl."  Most days she is perfectly content being attached to me, sitting in my lap, ALL DAY LONG.  It makes it difficult to get things done some days but the snuggles are just so sweet.  There are literally days that she feels like an extra extremity on my body.  She is also very jealous and doesn't hesitate to yell "MY MOMMY!"  Sharing is hard for her when it comes to me.

Adeline is a dance machine.  She loves music and dances at the first note she hears.  She concentrates very hard on her dancing.  She asks for "songs" in the car so she can jam in her car seat.  We borrowed Just Dance on the Wii from my aunt and Adeline would beg to dance all day.  She sings a lot too and her real crowd pleaser is You Are My Sunshine, of course.

At almost 2 she can say any and every word imaginable.  She is a smarty pants too and is learning a lot from her sister.  She has a great imagination at such an early age because she is always playing with Mary Selwyn and her friends.  Adeline always has to be the baby when they play but luckily she has that role mastered.

Adeline is extremely loving and affectionate.  Her sister has taught her well.  Just like Mary Selwyn, Adeline tells us she loves us all the time too.  She says "Wove you the most...mommy/daddy/sissy."  I definitely hold on to every ounce of baby left in her because I know that she is my last.  Luckily she doesn't mind one bit.  I can't believe she will be 2 in April.  How does time go by so quickly???

Both of my girls are very polite.  MSN has her yes ma'am and sirs down and they are both great at saying thank you.  Mary Selwyn is a wonderful big sister and I love that Adeline wants to be just like her already.  What I love the most about having two girls is that not only do I have built-in best friends but so do they.  I know they will have times when they will be enemies but I believe their friendship will always outweigh that.  They are both as sweet as they can be and we are so thankful for both of them.  It is such a blessing to have two great, healthy and beautiful children.  Shay and I are very proud and pray that we can be the kind of parents they deserve.


Margaret said...

They are both so precious-and such sweet girls! And they are lucky to have you as a mommy-i can feel your love for them in every word you wrote!

Maile Gowing said...

I can't BELIEVE the girls are so big already! It makes me think we've been away for forever! Wanna come to the beach soon to visit???

Natalie said...

Love love LOVE this post!!!! :)

Anna said...

aww this is so sweet Denise! They are precious and I can't believe how big they are!

Lauren said...

I loved reading about MSN's and Adeline's little personalities. Sipsey is a little like both of them. They would be great friends!

kristen said...

Love this! Exactly the same way over here.

Jenny said...

sweet sweet girls!!! I can't get over how much one looks like a little shay and little denise!! They are adorable!