Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Girls Night and Basketball Game

This past weekend I attended both.  Friday night my college roommates and I spent the night together at the Renaissance downtown Montgomery.  Instead of going out we opted to have a pajama party, play games and just hang out together.  Most people might think we are boring but we had the best time, as always.  I am extremely thankful for each of them and any time we get to spend together.  Next weekend we will get to have all our kids together too to begin celebrating birthdays!!
I love this picture.... how could I not have fun??

On Saturday we took the girls to Auburn Basketball Game with some of our cousins.  It was the most beautiful day.  We wallked all over campus, (which hopefully made up for all the junk I ate the night before), had a picnic, took a million pictures and enjoyed the game even though Auburn lost.  The girls were perfect angels.  They walked all over and played and even sat (mostly) for the game.  They maintained happy moods the whole day inspite of having no naps.  Adeline was enthralled by the players warming up.  She just wanted to sit and watch them play.  She had no interest in the coloring or face painting.  She is definitely her daddy's child.  I'll share all some of the pictures we took.

This is what I would call riding in style. (:  Lucky duck.
 Where we had our picnic... appropriate huh? ha ha

 Yes, our belly hung out all day... apparently our shirt is a little short. oops.

 Mary Selwyn wanted her face painted so bad.... then she screamed the whole time.  I guess the airbrushing made her nervous.  I gave her the option to only do one cheek but she insisted on two and screamed during the other cheek too. 
Shay and I attended almost every basketball game when we were in school and we were excited to watch a game in the brand new arena.  I love our new arena, however, the one complaint I have is that it doesn't allow much access to Aubie or the cheerleaders, which is what every kid really comes to see.  Adeline spent the whole game calling for Aubie. "Aubie, Aubie.  Aubie hold me" is all heard for the majority of the game.  Well we FINALLY got Aubie's attention and he was so sweet to walk up and see us.  Of course, Adeline was terrified once he finally got up there but the big girls LOVED him.

Worth the screaming??

Trend Setter

So excited

Super cool cousins
Callie, Mary Selwyn and Adeline

It was a fun weekend.  War Eagle!


The Weimer Family said...

I am still cracking up when I think about our night!! Love all the pics! Can't wait to see ya'll this weekend!!!!

The Dennis Family said...

SO PRECIOUS!!! WAR EAGLE!!! Looks like yall all had such a great time. We need to go back to Auburn SOON - I miss it!

mitzi said...

So cute!

Margaret said...

How much fun!! Loved the pics!

Lauren said...

We have not had the chance to take Sipsey to Auburn yet. That looks like so much fun! And what a fun girls night too!

kristen said...

A night in a hotel room sounds wonderful. Love the Auburn pics...especially the family one at the top of the blog. Mary Selwyn's belly is crackin' me up!

Jenny Bryant said...

So jealous! I want to be included in the girl's weekend next time!!

Jenny Bryant said...
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Anonymous said...

Even though they are wearing AU clothes, I still must say that the girls look very cute. :)

Maile Gowing said...

Super fun times! I miss all four of your faces.