Monday, May 12, 2008

My First Mother's Day

Some might argue that last year was my first Mother's day. Although I was pregnant which technically made me a mom, my pregnancy was fairly easy and I was getting plenty of sleep back then so I'm not sure that counts. The real mom work didn't start until the 26 hours of labor and every moment since has been nothing short of wonderful. I love being a mom and even though I am far from the perfect mom, I think it is what I was made to do.

So my first Mother's day was a great one. We had a busy, busy weekend in Prattville. Mary Selwyn and I went to Daphna's softball game and watched her hit the ball all the way to the outfield, it was very exciting. We also got to spend time with our dear friends the Underwoods. We haven't all gotten to hang out in a long time. The highlight of the weekend for us, of course, was just spending time with family. Shannon and Ben and Kate were in town also. Kate and Mary Selwyn looked so cute on Sunday in their matching dresses!

Being a mom now really makes me appreciate my mom. I knew it would. Not just what she has done for me for the last 26 years but having Mary Selwyn has made me realize how much I really need my mom. I have relied on her more in the past 10 months then I ever have before. I have learned nothing makes me want my mom more than being a mom. It is funny but true. She has been there for me without fail every time. Mary Selwyn has also given me a new appreciation for my Mother-in-Law. If you know her, you know I have the sweetest mother-in-law in the whole world. I could not ask for anyone better. She is precious and has always treated me like I am one of her own. I have come to really rely on her with the arrival of my new little one too and she has been so helpful. Both of my moms would drop anything to run to Dothan for whatever we may need them for. You would think by 10 months I might have this mom thing down but it turns out there is something new everyday that leaves me in need of some guidance. It is definitely a learning process that surprises me daily. I'm so lucky to have these two women in my life.

Finally, my sweet husband made sure that I felt appreciated on my first Mother's day. He bought me a nice dress and funny card and let me eat lunch while he followed around our munchkin so I could enjoy it. I have the most wonderful husband. I love him and respect him and appreciate him more than he will ever know! I'm thankful for this loving man and the adorable red head that have made me a mother. I'm blessed with sweet sweet family! Again, I'm one lucky girl!


Lindsey said...

I've been waiting on you to write a Mother's Day blog! Thanks for not letting me down. :)
And how sweet, in their matching dresses.

Mitzi said...

I am in happy tears-

Natalie, Stephen and Bennett said...

oh how sweet denise! arent mom's fantastic? happy belated mothers day to you, sweet momma! :)

Jenny said...

Hey Denise!!
It is Jenny Blevins. i am so glad i found your blog. Your daughter is absolutely adorable! Anyway just wanted to say hey..happy mother's day!


Abby Euten said...

Oh Denise, happy "late" Mother's Day. I'm glad it was wonderful, the first one is truly special and of course slightly emotional.