Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A wedding weekend.....or not!

A few years ago our friends Ryan and Jill got married in Gulf Shores. Of course Shay and I were planning to attend a fun beach wedding. So I packed up all our stuff and I hung Shay's suit and my dress in the door way of our closet for him to grab as he loaded the car. We left Saturday morning and drove to Andalusia to carpool with another couple and then headed to Gulf Shores. We ate lunch in Andalusia and had left ourselves just enough time to make it to the beach to get ready for the wedding. When we were transferring our stuff to the other car I realized that something was missing. That's right, Shay forgot my dress. I went into panic mode! I had nothing to wear to this wedding and we were on our way. The day became complete chaos. We had about 5 minutes to stop at the outlets and find me something to wear. Then we rushed to our condo, which they were still cleaning, to get ready. I had to kick the maid out of my bathroom and the four of us were able to get fully ready and make it to the wedding in 15 minutes. I've never gotten ready so fast in my whole life. So what seemed like it was going to be a huge disaster was just a minor set back and we ended up having a great time and a wild wedding reception. However, I have never let Shay forget about the time he forgot my dress for this wedding. I have teased him about it and brought it up at every opportunity just to be funny. Well folks, this weekend that teasing came back to bite to me!!!

Friday afternoon Shay, Mary Selwyn and I all went home to Prattville. We were leaving Mary Selwyn with Shay's parents so that he and I could attend the wedding our friend Whitney at the lake on Saturday. Again, I packed all our stuff and even loaded it in to the car since we were having to make a stop by the DMV for the fourth time before we left town, don't ask! Anyway we finished our errand and headed home. It was going to take us about an hour and a half to get to the lake so we left ourselves just enough time to travel and make it to the wedding at an appropriate time. I was putting on the final touches of make up and that one last spray to hold my hair while Shay was getting dressed. He buttoned his shirt and went to the closet to get his pants and you will never believe what comes next! You guessed it, NO PANTS!! This time Denise forgot Shay's pants! Again, panic mode! He tried his dad's suit but it was too short and since we had left just the right amount of time to get there we didn't have the time to go scrounge up a suit from any other relative or buy one real quick. Needless to say we did not make it to the wedding and I was SO disappointed! That was the whole reason we traveled to Prattville. My hair did just perfect, and you know that never happens when you have somewhere nice to go. I was really looking forward to that wedding and there I was all dressed up with nowhere to go. The worst part is I can no longer give Shay a hard time for forgetting my dress because I did the same thing. Karma I guess. Looking back this story is funny and will continue to be so just like the story of Shay forgetting my dress. I did make him take me to dinner since I was all dressed up but the whole time I was thinking about what I was missing. So turns out it was not a wedding weekend for us!


Carrie said...

how funny!

Mitzi said...

I feel your pain. Missed you being there. Mary is awesome. Wonderful wedding. Lots of young people.

Lindsey said...

But at least you're thinking it's funny now.

Amanda said...

That is so funny Denise. And something that I would do definitely!

Robin said...

Life sometimes just kicks us in the gut ! Love you..Robin