Thursday, June 19, 2008

Daddy's Day and Super Mitzi

Mary Selwyn has been blessed with a wonderful daddy. Shay and I have been together for 10 years and I have never had any doubt that he would be a good dad. Turns out he is so much more that just a good dad. He is a sweet and loving daddy. He looks at Mary Selwyn with so much love in his eyes. He will sit on the floor and play with her until she can't play anymore. He reads the same books over and over. It amazes me that the first thing he wants to do after a long day at work is scoop her up and play or read instead of turn on sports center and just sit.

More importantly his child adores him. She carries around his pictures during the day while he is gone and gives them little kisses until the real dada gets home. She also does the dada chant. She will walk around with her hands in the air chanting "dada, dada, dada," like we are at a sporting event. Doesn't matter where she is, Target, out to eat, in the bath tub, anywhere and everywhere she pulls out the chant. When I try to get her to chant "mama, mama, mama," she just looks at me and then smiles and goes straight back to "dada, dada, dada." She lights up as soon as he walks in the door and every time the door knob turns whether it is him or not she runs to the door and says "dada?" It is precious. They snuggle every night before bed and it is so sweet how they can never get enough of each other.

Mary Selwyn has been blessed with a sweet daddy and I have been blessed with a sweet husband. He works hard for us all day and then comes in and has the energy to spend time with us. He always gives us the love and attention we demand without any complaints. He is a wonderful provider and spiritual leader.....we could not ask for a better man. These are pictures from our lazy Father's day. We actually got to stay home for the weekend and just lounged around after church. That is probably the best gift Shay could have gotten for Father's day!

Now the reason this post is being done on Thursday as opposed to Father's day or the day after brings me to my next point. We have had an insane week. Shay's truck broke down Monday on his way home from work. So we had to track across town to pick him up then have it towed and worked on the next day, that was a nice bill by the way. This left me and Mary Selwyn without a car on Tuesday and wouldn't you know that Mary Selwyn woke up very, very sick that morning. What are the chances right. It seemed like I had called everyone in Dothan to try and hitch a ride to the doctors office for her to be seen. Once again the MARVELOUS Mitzi Chambers came to our rescue.

This woman does more for us than I can even begin to tell you. I must call her for everything! Shay and I have come to depend on them so much and we feel guilty because it seems like all we ever do is take from them. How they aren't completely sick of us I will never know. The Chambers are the sweetest, most loving and generous people. They are good people, the kind that you wonder if they even still exist. I promise, they do! She had the busiest day on Tuesday but didn't hesitate to drop everything to come pick us up and drop us off at the doctor. Wouldn't you know that on the way there Mary Selwyn threw up everywhere. All over her and the car seat and Mitzi's car. I was so mortified. At that point I almost lost it and burst into tears. Mitzi however was completely unfazed. I wasn't sure if she heard me say "Mary Selwyn just threw up everywhere," because she was so calm and collected. I felt terrible!

Not only did she have throw up all in her car but she then dropped us off, went home, washed Mary Selwyn's clothes and cleaned out the car seat. Then she packed up some food for us to have for dinner and picked us back up after our appointment. She is like super woman. It's amazing and I cannot thank her enough for being our hero almost every other day. She is a huge blessing!!!! I will never be able to repay her for all she does for us. I sure hope the throw up came out of the car. The Chambers are headed to the beach next week. I don't know how we will function without her for a whole week but it will be for her a much needed and deserved break from us. We love and adore Mitzi Chambers. Everyone should be lucky enough to know her! Thanks Mitzi!


Lindsey said...

That was a fantastic post! I need to make Jeremy read all the daddy stuff; maybe that will persuade him to have one sooner! So sweet.
And I am so sorry ya'll had a rough Tuesday! I feel so bad that I didn't know you needed help. If it makes you feel any better, I sat at Bondy's service dept.(even though I had an appt.) from a/b 10:30 to almost 3:00 on Tuesday.
And Mitzi is pretty awesome! It is definitely a good thing she's around. :)

Lindsey said...

Oh, and I hope the baby is feeling better. And you too! :)

Kristen said...

Wow! I wish we had a Mitzi! And I love the dada chant! That is great! As a mom of 2 girls, I know what you feel to see the amazing bond b/w a daughter and her daddy!

Jenny said...


That was so sweet. i enjoyed reading this post! hope everyone is feeling better.

Ann-Marie said...

I hope Mary Selwyn is feeling better. It is sooooooo hard when they are sick. You can always call me when you need help. I don't work during the summer and when I do work, it's only until 12:30.

Mitzi said...

We love you and what I did was not anything any other of "us" would have done. You have a network of supporters-I just happened to get the call. I will always have a roll of paper towels in my car and an extra bottle of water for a stressed mom. You and Shay are doing an awesome job raising a precious child.

Margaret said...

Hey Denise! I am so glad you found us! Mary Selwyn is adorable as well! It is so much fun being a mom! I love every minute of it! Glad we can keep up now! Your family is precious! Love, Margaret