Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A new day, a new attitude

First I need to thank everyone for sweet, encouraging words. Sometimes I feel if it weren't for my blog and facebook my life might be lacking in these areas, ha ha....only one reason I love them so much. Anyway, despite my previous post, I'm really not that disappointed to be moving to Madison. I'm just sad to leave Dothan. I think that is okay. I will like Madison just fine and I'm finding more and more people who live there or promise to come visit. Right now I'm just wrapped up in the stress of selling a house, moving, change and leaving Dothan. So I wanted to go on record and say that this move is going to be great and I'm sure it is God's plan because I don't understand it a bit. My friend Megan said that the times you don't understand God's plan can be the times you are blessed the most. I believe that and I'm excited about those blessings. I told you I would change my attitude, I just needed a day to sulk. I can't promise that will be my only day but they will be few are far between I hope. Plus Shay is so excited. It is hard for me not to find some excitement in all of his. Just continue to pray for everything to go smoothly and according to God's will.... Thanks for your support. I am very blessed.

Enough of that talk, it is wearing me out. Plus I can't be that sad when I have these sweet faces to look at everyday. Good thing they are going with us!! I think I may have posted pictures of MSN in this very same outfit a long, long time ago, but let me explain anyway. This outfit was Shay's when he was a baby. So we have dressed both of our girls in Daddy's Auburn suit for at least one game. Isn't it sweet. I love this picture.

And what could be better than a little girl in a monkey gown singing her ABCs?


The Dennis Family said...

Hey Denise! Glad to see that you have a blog - I found it trough Natalie Roe's blog...we have one too, but its private. Send me your email ( and I will send you an invite if you'd like!
Your family is beautiful!!
Glad to catch up on how you have been doing...Sounds like you are definitely staying busy!

Abby Euten said...

You are being very mature, I'm proud of you!! And the Auburn suit is too cute, what an adorable pic:)

Lindsey said...

Glad you are feeling better.
Too cute on both the girls! MSN seemed to be losing interest towards the end of her song. haha

Abby Maddox said...

I wrote a long comment, and my computer went crazy and it got erased! Mainly, I am really sad you are moving before I had a chance to get back but am happy for Shane and proud that you're being so supportive. It encourages me that you've grown to love dothan...sometimes I get nervous about moving back :)

Mandy said...

I guess I am ready to say that I am very excited for you. I am sad for ME, not you. Kyle said last night that once you get there and get settled you are going to love it. Everyone says that. I am actually starting to be a little jealous that you get to move there.
I talked to Colbi yesterday and I am not mad at her anymore. She reminded me that I can still talk to you on the phone everyday. (She would know, right?) :)
Even if you make so many new friends that you don't have time for me anymore, I just hope you realize what an impact you have had in my life. You are the reason I have gotten to know so many awesome people in our church through sunday school and Apples of Gold. You have helped motivate me to start doing things for other people instead of sitting in my house sulking about how messy it is and how much Luke is crying. (Your encouragement to send him to Mother's Day Out definitely helped with that, too!)
Anyway, enough of that. I'm getting too emotional. You'll have to meet our friends, the Rodens, who live in Albertville, and we can all get together in Huntsville!

Natalie said...

i have been out of town but i am catching up on blog reading - and WHEW you have been through a lot since i last read! you are being VERy brave - i dont know if i would be. i hope the move isnt too painful and your house sells FAST! take care :)


Ann-Marie said...

So excited for you! I'm glad it is all working out. Adeline is just precious and has just grown. Take care Denise and don't forget us back here in Dothan land!