Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Friends

Best friends......Play dress up,

See their first movie together,

Hold hands when they walk,

And love, love, love each other.
This is Mary Selwyn and her best friend Owen. I have mentioned her before. Mary Selwyn talks about Owen, sometimes called "Co," all the time. She gets excited to go to church or school because Owen will be there and always wants Owen to come over. She is going to miss Owen so much and this is only one of the reasons the tears begin to flow when I think about moving. Owen's mommy is one of my best friends too and I am going to miss her just as much. These girls are very sweet best friends. We mommies will make sure they stay friends forever. We have enjoyed spending this last year and half making special memories.


Kristen said...

That is about the sweetest thing I have ever seen! Love all the pics...the movie one could not be any cuter! We will miss y'all so much too, but we will definitely make sure they remain Best Friends! So Sweet!

Lauren said...

How sweet are they?! I'm sad y'all have to leave Dothan, but I just know you will find lovable people in Huntsville too! I have one question...exactly what is MS dressed up as in the first pictures?

Mandy said...

This is just so sweet! I love it. That is an interesting get-up she has on! I love that neither one of them are wearing a shirt. Ha ha!