Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Fun

Making cookies for Santa

and sneaking a few bites in the process.

Christmas Eve

My brothers girlfriend made everyone in the family either a hat or a sweet is that?

Matching Christmas PJs.

Christmas morning.

Santa was very good to us.

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas. We spent over a week in Prattville and with family and came back with more stuff than we have room for. I went to Huntsville earlier this week to find a tiny apartment to stuff our family into. It should be interesting but thankfully we will not be living apart anymore. We move next week. We are very thankful that 2009 was a year full of blessings. Now onto a new year and a new town. Happy New Year!


Jenny said...

a big wheel!! that is a great gift from santa! Good luck in Huntsville. Please let me know if I can do anything to help! I am only an hour 15 away.

Marianna said...

You'll grow to love Huntsville. We loved Decatur, It took a while to get settled there but ended up LOVING North Alabama. I was SO sad when we moved to Little Rock. Good luck finding an apartment! There are some nice ones in Madison!

The Dennis Family said...

WOO HOO!! Santa was good to yall!
Precious, precious family! Loved all of the pics!

Abby Euten said...

Call me when ya'll come through...the girls will have fun! You sound as if there might be a "twinge" of excitement:) You will love it...and SO glad ya'll will be together again, been praying about it!!