Friday, January 29, 2010

New Baby, Showers and Sweet Kisses

New Baby: This precious baby is my new niece Kinley Ann. She was born Thursday, January 21st. She was 8 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches, I think. She is such a sweetie. I stayed with big sister Kate while Kinley was being delivered because in Georgia children under 18 aren't allowed in the hospitals. It was kind of sad that Kate was the last person to see her new little sister but she seemed fine with all the different people coming to entertain her in the meantime. We are very thankful to add another healthy munchkin to our pack of girls.

Showers: These are my best friends Brooke, Megan and Mary. They are all having babies in March and I couldn't be more excited. This is Brooke and Megan's firsts and Mary's third baby. Last weekend we gave Megan and Brooke baby showers in the same day. Megan's was a brunch and Brooke's was in the afternoon. It was so much fun and slightly exhausting, I'm not sure how the pregnant girls made it through, especially Mary who has also been working on her sister's wedding. I'm sure they were all tired but it was well worth it. It was a fun weekend getting to spend time with them and helping them prepare for those sweet babies on the way.
I have to share this picture of the cake we had a t Megan's shower. Is this the cutest cake you have ever seen or what? I love it! She is having twin girls by the way.

Sweet Kisses: Our sweet Adeline has become a kissing fool. She has been giving kisses for month or so now but they have been open mouth. Last week she mastered the art of the pucker. It is precious and she willingly passes her kisses out to anyone and everyone. We just say, "Give a kiss," or "Kisses Adeline," and she puckers up. Sometimes if you just call her name she will pucker. She is even figuring out how to smack. She is so sweet and it is so funny when she puckers and waits for someone to give her a kiss. At the baby showers she was just sitting in the crowd of people in a constant pucker waiting for someone to notice her. I LOVE IT! I cannot get enough of those sweet kisses.

A side view of the pucker

Big sister showing off her pucker


Natalie said...

oh my look at that cute little kissy face. adeline is growing up so fast!

and congrats to brooke and mary! so good to "see" them :)

Lauren said...

Those lips are precious! Kissy-kissy! I love the pregnant pics of Brooke and Mary (and Megan who looks GREAT but I'm afraid I don't know her). Are y'all adjusting to hunstville?

Jenny said...

how sweet! love the kissy faces!! I can't believe all the girls are due in March! That is great news!!! You all look great

mitzi said...

Great pictures. Glad to see everyone.