Sunday, April 4, 2010


The last week and a half has been quite a whirlwind for us. I feel like I have been all over this state and truth be told I almost have. My first stop was in Auburn to meet Stuart Timothy Patton, Jr. He is the last, but certainly not least of the roommate babies to arrive. He was a Mary Selwyn size baby being 9lbs 6oz so Brooke had to have a c-section also. I think it is so funny that as a group of best friends we all 4 had c-sections. Baby Tim is precious and I was glad to finally get to hold him.

Shay and I then headed to Dothan to pack up our whole house and attend a wedding. Shay had to come back to Madison for work, obviously, so the girls, my mom and I stayed in Dothan for the week to get everything squared away and close on the house. We were able to spend time with all our wonderful friends in the midst of the official "move." We enjoyed pretending like we still lived there for just one more week. Unfortunately it was so chaotic we didn't get to take any pictures, sad. You will all be proud to know that I made through the actual closing without crying and I managed to resist the urge to snatch the keys back out of their hands and scream "It is my house! MINE, MINE, MINE!" That's good right?

With that chapter officially closed we headed back to Prattville to spend Easter with our families. Turns our celebrating Easter wasn't in the cards for us this year. Mary Selwyn and I developed high fevers and couldn't attend church or any family get togethers. This was extremely disappointing!!! It is such an important holiday and we were sad to miss the celebrations. No Easter dresses. No church. No family. No fun! The sickly crew did manage to finally get out of bed to see what goodies the Bunny left for us. These are all our Easter pictures. Hopefully we are on the mend now. MSN has visited the doctor yesterday. She has an ear infection so hopefully the meds will knock it right out. We are a worn out, pitiful bunch of girls....guess an exhausting whirlwind of a week can have that affect on you!

Can you tell we aren't really feeling well??? This is the best picture I could get of the both of them...ha ha.


Lauren said...

I spy Pinkalicious! Our neighbor had a Pinkalicious birthday party and a lady dressed up like Pinkalicious came and read the book and put pink lipstick cheeks on everyone (except Sipsey who would have none of that).

I'm sorry y'all were sick for Easter. At least the Easter bunny still came to see y'all!

Jenny said...

hope ya'll are feeling better! That sick stuff is just going around right now! Happy Easter!!

Margaret said...

So sorry yall have been sick! Glad you are on the mend! And baby Tim is beautiful!!

Rachel said...

Oh Pinkalicious is the best book ever! :) Hope y'all are feeling better! Miss you like crazy.

Ann-Marie said...

Love the Easter Pics. Yes, I blogged!!!!! Just for you