Monday, May 24, 2010


For the last 6 weeks or so Mary Selwyn and I have been doing a Mommy and Me gymnastics class at The Little Gym in Providence. We absolutely love it and we are REALLY going to miss it when we move. This week was show week and Goon and Aunt Daphna were here to watch MSN show off and get her end of the year medal.Wheelbarrows. So fun.Forward rolls...I'm really good at these.The balance beam. I used to be scared but not anymore...see me walking. Next challenge is the big beam.Adeline isn't scared.Swinging from them rings, another fave. ( I realize that I wrote them instead of the rings. It was a typo but it sounded funny when I was proof-reading so I left it just to crack myself up.)Monkey ClimbAdeline enjoyed show week too.
Getting my medal.So proud.
Done taking pictures.Shay and I had our own little in-town getaway this weekend. For Shay's birthday I got him tickets to the Alabama Vipers Arena League Football game. We used to watch it on TV all the time(sports junkies, right?) and Shay had mentioned he would like to go. I figured now was our chance since we live where they have an AFL team. It was a lot of fun and we got these cool free visors. I'm thinking about making it an addition to my daily wardrobe. What do you think? We also got a room at the Westin and enjoyed 2 kid-free dinners and lots of sleep. It was a nice way to celebrate Shay's birthday.


Margaret said...

How cute! That must have been so much for the 2 of yall to take that class together! And yay for a getaway! Dru and I need one I think!

Lauren said...

I love them rings! I think I would like that 'gynastics' class too. You look hot in your visor!

Kristen said...

O loved these pics. She kept saying,"Oooo, look at that. Oooo, she's doing that. She's strong!" So cute.