Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day and 12 month Stats

What a lucky mom I am... Sunday morning my family let me sleep in. Then they made me breakfast, gave me a gift certificate to the spa, took me shopping and took me to dinner. It was a lovely and relaxing Mother's Day. I have a pretty great family. I'm so blessed to be the mom of these two beautiful, smart and silly little girls. Of course we missed spending the day with our moms but we will get to see them this weekend.

Monday we took Adeline to the doctor for her 12 month appointment. She weighted 22 pounds, 75%, and I can't remember exactly how long she was, but she was 80% in height. I forgot her stat sticker at the office, I have to go back and pick it up. Liney did not handle her shots very well. She was extremely upset. Mary Selwyn used to cry when she got shots but if you picked her up she was easily consoled, not Adeline. She wasn't happy until....I let her have a sucker. That makes everything better, temporarily at least. She has been out of sorts since her shots. Hopefully today will be back to normal.

Dr. Meadows said Adeline is right on track for development and that she is super smart...which I already knew. Adeline is very vocal these days. She "talks" and "sings" all the time. Real words she does say are mama, dada, mum-mum, bye, uh-oh, light, book(gook) and poop (always a good word to know right?) Also, hard to believe but I promise she said Grampaka. She can show you her nose and her foot. She can tell you what the puppy dog and the duck say. She can also shake her head yes and no and she knows exactly what she is saying. It is funny that she knows how to appropriately use them. She definitely doesn't say as many actual words as MSN did at this age but sometimes I think she is even smarter than Mary Selwyn was, if that is possible. She also has quite the little temper, which she totally gets from daddy, ha ha. Adeline definitely keeps us on our toes. I just wish she wasn't growing so fast!!


The Titsworth Family said...

Poor baby girl! I've been meaning to ask who their pedi is. We see Dr. Dudley at the same office. They are the best practice ever!

Jenny said...

Great news from the Doc!!! and Happy Mother's Day!

Margaret said...

Well she sure is precious!!

The Weimer Family said...

Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day!

Lauren said...

So sweet! You certainly do have a pretty great family! Glad you had a happy mother's day!!!