Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summer So Far....

So far Summer has been crazy for us.We have been traveling more than usual, hard to believe since it seems we are always on the go. Shay was working in Birmingham two weeks ago so the girls and I decided to tag along and see some friends.

My girls love Adam and Amy....

We went to visit Ashley and her family in Tuscaloosa. MSN had a hard time being in the same town as "Boo Bama," but playing with Sydney and Gracie helped ease the pain. Adeline is naked because she threw up all over her outfit, it was in the wash.

I love this picture, even though everyone is doing their own thing. It just captures all their personalities. I'm said I didn't get a picture with the girls and K.K. or Andrew and Hartley or our Dothan friends. Boo!

We also snuck in a puppy visit. My aunt's German Sheppard had puppies so we took the girls to play with them. Mary Selwyn likes them okay, more from a distance or one at a time. She didn't enjoy them climbing all over her in the "puppy pool" for long. Adeline on the other had was in absolute heaven. This child LOVES animals of all kinds. She can spot them from a mile away and immediately starts ooo-ing and awe-ing over them. Birds, ducks, dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, chickens.....everything. If there is an animal on TV she stops what she is doing to giggle and "talk" to it. She is obsessed. I think I have a future vet on my hands.

After Birmingham, we headed to Dothan for MSN's best friend Owen's birthday party. We also bought a house while we were there. It is a great 4 bedroom AND a playroom in Grove Park. We are very excited, mostly about the playroom, but also the neighborhood and having more room for our family to come visit. I don't have any pictures yet but we should close in 2 weeks so I will have some soon. Things have been nuts around here. We definitely feel like gypsies bouncing around in different towns, houses and hotels. We are truly looking forward to getting settled into our new home and staying put for a while.

In other Summer fun, we went and played in the fountains at Bridgestreet yesterday. It took Mary Selwyn a while to get the hang of it but in the end both girls enjoyed it. I'm definitely going to miss that place.


Jenny said...

I didn't realize ya'll were moving back to Dothan...I must have missed that! THe girls are too cute. I love the puppy pics!

Margaret said...

Those girls are just precious!!!