Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back to the beach

In my last post I briefly mentioned the beach trip we took recently with our best couple friends Adam and Amy and Jeff and Maura. This trip was way too fun not to blog about. We spent 3 days in Orange Beach. The weather was beautiful, the beach was beautiful, the food was fabulous and the company was the best. It was such a fun group dynamic. We all meshed so well and it made it the trip very relaxing and fun. More fun than we have had in a long time. I also haven't laughed like that in forever. We are making this an annual trip, however instead of the beach next year we will be in Iowa for Jeff and Maura's wedding. Yay! Here are just a few pictures..
These pictures were taken at the Flora-Bama... I'm convinced that place is the 8th wonder of the world... it is definitely a place like no other. We had way too much fun with these face in the hole pictures... hilarious!

This picture is a flashback to our Auburn days. Good times but I am thankful that Amy and Maura are in the picture now.It was an awesome trip with great friends and memories. Thanks guys!


mitzi said...

How fun!!

Lauren said...

I have not been on a couples trip with no kids - well - EVER! I definitely need to do that soon. Y'all are lucky to have gotten away!!!

Erin said...

the florabama pictures are great! and i love the blog layout & family picture header :)