Friday, July 16, 2010


This is one of our best friends from Auburn, Jeff. Last night he proposed to this lovely lady, Maura. We were lucky enough to spend last weekend with Jeff, Maura and our other best couple friends Adam and Amy. Jeff and Maura have been dating for 2 years and last weekend was the first time we had actually met Maura (because she has lived in Iowa and Texas...far away from us). Turns out we love her. Actually I already knew I loved her because we have been emailing for the last year and I decided after about two emails that she was fabulous. She is precious and genuine and fun. Perfect our friend who we truly consider family. We love her for who she is and for making Jeff so happy. To see them together is so cute. I am so happy and excited for both of them. Marriage is such a blessing and I can't wait for them to experience it. Congratulations Jeff and Maura! We love you and are thrilled for you both. Welcome to our family of friends Maura... you are a perfect fit. Can't wait for our trip to Iowa next summer!

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The Weimer Family said...

I am so excited for Jeff! She sounds like a great girl!!