Monday, December 20, 2010

My Favorite Decoration, Christmas Singing and Christmas Cake Party

Can I share with you my most favorite Christmas decoration??

Charlie enjoys them too!

Every year I enjoy decorating my house with pictures of my family and friends.  For the 25 days leading up to Christmas I get overly excited to go to my mailbox and open up my Christmas cards.  I love to see every one's smiling faces from year to definitely fills my house with Christmas joy.

Last Wednesday night Mary Selwyn's choir class had "share time" for the parents.  They are a little too young to participate in the actual Christmas programs at church so all the parents met in their classroom to hear what they have been working so hard on.  They sang Away in a Manger and they sounded like little angels, of course.  Shay and I have been enjoying hearing MSN "practice" every night over the monitor before she falls asleep.  It was fun to watch her sing with her friends.  I must say that Mary Selwyn and Owen definitely sang the loudest.  (They were kind of the stars of the show...shhhhhhhh.)

Today we had a Christmas cake decorating party with Mary Selwyn and Adeline's friend (We missed Owen and Collins and hope they feel better soon).  The pumpkin cake party was so much fun we decided a Christmas party was a must.  We had a great time and appreciate Mitzi making all of our cakes.  During this party we also had Jenna from The Polka Dot Pavilion come and let the kids decorate ornaments for the tree.  They turned out adorable.  We are so happy that our friends could come and help us celebrate Jesus' birthday in this way!
Outfit (and almost all in this post) courtesy of Cathy Cole Designs

Our finished ornaments


kristen said...

Love the video (especially their hand motions), love the pictures, love the ornament. So sad she missed it but glad one Thompson girl got to participate :)

Amber said...

I love getting Christmas cards too! One of my favorite things about Christmas! Save me a tutu when your girls outgrow them!!:)Their outfits are precious! I wish we lived in the same town and could participate in all your parties!

Lauren said...

I LOVE getting Christmas cards too! We leave them up at least til Spring. Sipsey left school this year right before they started practicing for a Christmas recital (and her school pictures too). I was so sad to miss both of those traditions! MSN is precious at hers!

mitzi said...

Love the video. Co and MSN really do look down, etc. So sweet.