Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

Tonight we went to see Santa but we are too cheap to pay $16 for one 5x7 so we just took pictures from afar.  I didn't take the good camera because I didn't think they would let us take our own pictures. I only had my small one so the pictures didn't turn out great.  I wish we weren't so cheap because the picture they took was very cute.  Both of the girls did surprisingly wonderful sitting in his lap and telling him what they wanted for Christmas.  Mary Selwyn is insisting on having a mermaid barbie (?) and Adeline is easy to please, she just wants four babies!! It was a painless and sweet experience.  The first year that seeing Santa was a success.  Merry Christmas!


Lauren said...

MSN is a ham for the camera. She has a great smile. You are lucky it's not the fake "CHEESE" smile. Sipsey's Christmas list sounds like Adeline's. Only Sipsey specified that her baby must have a paci to go in its mouth!

mitzi said...

You have some great shots. We were in the mall today- and saw the set up. See you tomorrow.