Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's called improvising

This child wants a pink, three wheeled princess scooter something terrible.  She must ask me for it everyday.  I told her she could have one for her birthday.  Sadly her birthday isn't until July, so in the meantime she has decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own scooter.  This used to be the pink shopping cart that Santa brought the girls.  Mary Selwyn took off the basket part and voila, a pink scooter (sort of).  Mary Selwyn is quite proud of this scooter and calls it just that her "scooter."  She rides that thing in circles around the house and begs for me to let her ride it outside.  Of course it isn't as sturdy as a real scooter because, well it's not actually a scooter, so I havent let her ride it on the concrete yet.  The tumbles in the house are enough for this mom.
Wearing the new bathingsuit Meme sent her, riding in style, duh!

ZOOMING past.... I promise it's not as fast as it looks, just good photography (or bad) ha ha.

Poor kid, I guess she will be riding the shopping cart until July.  A scooter is a little too large of a gift for the Easter Bunny to carry.  It's tough being three.... at least she is inventive.


kristen said...

Go Mary Selwyn Go!!

Anonymous said...

Quite creative I must say. And she does look like she's flying in that pic! haha

Maile Gowing said...

Okay, I was laughing out loud! What a genius!