Monday, March 21, 2011

Our first Betty

This is Betty.  She was Mary Selwyn's 3rd birthday present.  Well, we had our first experience with "pet loss" this week when little Betty went belly up.  Poor Betty.  She had terrible caretakers and was for the most part pretty neglected.  We did feed her regularly but the whole changing of the water thing wasn't really for us.  I had a fish like this in college named Carl and I took much better care of him, not sure why Betty didn't get the same treatment.  Anyway, Betty was a member of our family for 8 months, which is impressive considering her accommodations. 

I'm not sure why but the fact that Betty died made me laugh.  Mary Selwyn on the other did not take the news of Betty's passing as well as I had anticipated.  When we told her she burst into tears of course and had a complete melt down.  Seeing her that sad made mommy cry too..... except while I was crying I was laughing a little too.  Again, not sure why.  She has said several times that she "still misses Betty."  I told her one day soon she can pick out another fish.  That is the beauty of fish, they can easily be replaced.  So I'm positive this was the first of many Bettys for us.  Rest in peace Betty.  Hope you are happy in that big fish bowl in the sky (Lord knows it is much cleaner).


kristen said...

This made me laugh! We have had and lost our share of Bettys too. And I must say Betty lived a long and happy life I'm sure. :)

Margaret said...

This was so funny and sad at the same time! Bless her little heart!

Natalie said...

Oh Denise this post was so great. Sad and funny and great. Bennett asked me about "redfish" the other day and I killed that poor thing like a year ago. Don't add a plant to the water after you buy the fish. Yikes. Poor Betty. ;)