Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Koonz Wedding

Oh my, I don't even know where to begin.  This week Shay and I traveled to Dubuque, Iowa to be a part of our best friends, Jeff and Maura's wedding.  It was one of the very best weddings I have ever been a part of.  They had an absolutely fabulous wedding party.  Of course, I knew none of the other bridesmaids before I arrived but they were the sweetest bunch of women.  They immediately included me and made me feel like I had known them all forever.  It was the same throughout the whole wedding party, it was like we traveled across country, met strangers and left with best friends.  What a wonderful group of people.  Overall I have decided that people in Iowa are the nicest people in the country.  Sorry southerners, but I have never received more compliments or been flattered more than by the people I met in Iowa.

Now on to the most important part, the beautiful bride.  I'm sorry Kate Middleton but you have nothing on Maura.  She was drop dead gorgeous.  We decided that she would look good in a wet paper sack but of course she dressed up for the occassion.  Maura's mother, Margie, passed away in 2003 I believe of breast cancer.  I cannot begin to imagine my wedding day without my mother and I wondered how Maura would do it without Margie.  Let me assure you that we were not without her.  Margie was honored and represented in every part of this wedding.  I have never even met her but I could feel her very real presence in each moment throughout the day.  The most beautiful way Margie was honored was in Maura's wearing of her mother's wedding dress for the ceremony.  Oh it was breath taking.  All of us bridesmaids watched in silence with tears in our eyes as she slipped on the dress.  How special for Maura and her sweet dad, Ray. 

We also got to sneak a peek at the first time Jeff saw Maura in her mother's dress.  It was hard to be quiet and hold back our excitement and tears.  We were sucessful in being quiet but not in holding back the tears. 

I am so glad I captured this look.  This is when she was walking up behind Jeff for him to see her for the first time.  Also when my tears started flowing, no surprise there.

When Jeff caught us peeking
After a very beautiful and spiritual Catholic wedding service, we loaded the trolley and headed to the party.  I can't even put into words how much fun the reception was.  Everyone danced, EVERYONE!  I don't think a single guest left before it was over.  Almost 300 guests danced 'til midnight.  It was a party for sure. Shay and I haven't danced that much......ever.  I also haven't laughed that much in almost ever.  The company was great.  My whole body is still sore from the dancing and laughing and I am still worn out.  I hope I can recover soon.

Maura in her reception dress with her handsome groom

Again I can't say enough how wonderful the whole weekend was.  Jeff and Maura are two of the kindest, most thoughtful and genuine people we know.  I am so thankful they have found each other.  I remember in the beginning of their relationship Jeff called me and said, "I have been praying for a long, long time for the right girl to come along and now here she is."  It was very special to witness them finally becoming husband and wife.  They way they both glow when they look at each other is so sweet to see and maybe a tad disgusting..ha ha just kidding.  I'm just so happy they are happy and starting the next chapter in their lives.  I look forward to sharing a lifetime more of memories with them.

another way to honor her mother


Kimberley said...

Beautiful pictures and post! It was a wonderful wedding! I have never danced so much in my life either...and I'm still feeling it as well! I enjoyed talking with you and p.s. your girls are beautiful! =)

kristen said...

What a fun weekend! She is a beautiful bride and I love what they did instead of traditional wedding favors. So sweet.

kkd said...

You were lookin' hot in your bridesmaid dress! Looks like a great time! (just found your blog) :)

Melissa said...

What an absolutely beautiful wedding! I love the "favors" they did. Such a wonderful way to honor her mother.

Rachel said...

You look gorgeous in your bridesmaid dress! FYI...I started blogging again. :)