Monday, August 22, 2011


In the first two weeks of school, Mary Selwyn is learning the Fruits of the Spirit.  This is how the conversation went:

MSN: "Mrs. Young told us about the Fruits of the Spirit."
Mom: "Really, that is neat.  Do you know what they are?"
MSN: "Yes, Love, Joy, Peace, Goodness, Kindness and Bakefulness."
Mom: "Bakefulness?  What is that?"
MSN: "You know, like when you bake something for someone!"

Duh, Mommy!  She was so confident in her dare i be confused.  I'm thankful that she is learning this at such a young age.  Also I feel very strongly that 'Bakefulness' should indeed be a Fruit of the Spirit.  Precious memories.

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Rachel said...

She is so precious!

Margaret said...

Oh how sweet. And an adorable picture too.

Natalie said...

Love it!!!

Jenny said...

so sweet

Maile Gowing said...

such a good Baptist, haha

Unknown said...

wow good family photo.. this small girl is so cute n healthy........

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