Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time for School

This year Mary Selwyn starts 4P.  She will go every morning, 5 days a week.  She is beyond excited and I am excited for her.  I know she is going to LOVE it.  It makes Shay and I both happy and proud to see her excited.  I am also a little sad because I am just not sure how we got here so fast!  Seems like yesterday I was pregnant and today I have this beautiful, smart, polite, loving and mature 4 year old.  I hope she loves every minute as I try and soak them all up as slowly as possible. 

We met her teacher yesterday and we love her already too!  I think Mary Selwyn is going to have a great year with her friends, old and new.  I was nervous dropping her off this morning but she begged to go in the classroom (before I was ready of course) and we watched her put her bag in it's place and sit in her seat.  I'm thankful that Shay was able to experience the first day of school with us.  We are proud parents.  You will be happy to know that I did not cry until we got back in the car.  I can't wait to go get her in just a little bit and find out how fabulous her first day of school was! 

Mary Selwyn and her teacher Mrs. Young

Mommy and Mary Selwyn sitting at her desk

First day of school.  Color of the day is red.  We wear a different color for the first week.  So fun!!

Sweet sisters.  Louise is going to be very lonely in the mornings with out her partner Thelma!

Proud daddy

Outside her room

About to send her into her room

Here we go!
And this little munchkin can't be left out.  She went to Mother's Morning Out for her first day on Tuesday.  I thought she would be my clingy child but she went in her room without looking back too.  She was so excited.  It felt like she was starting high school.  She is also very proud of her backpack. Don't call it a bag, she will correct you, it is a backpack.  She has such a big personality and a huge imagination.  She can hang with the big girls and loves to play.  She is growing just as fast as her sister did. I'm a sad, sentimental mommy this week.  At least they both had great first days at school!

Ready to go!

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Margaret said...

Oh precious girls. I too am so bittersweet about how fast 4 years {almost 4 for Simms} has gone by. She will also be doing to 4 year old preschool 5 days a week, for 3 hours each day. I am so sad about her being gone every day, but so excited for her too!

The Dennis Family said...

PRECIOUS!!! So amazed that she is FOUR too - unreal!! Im so glad that everyone is liking school too! thats so great!