Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas thus far

We have had some fun Christmas activities so far this December.  Mary Selwyn has had two performances and both of the girls have had some Christmas parties.  Nana and Poppy came to visit this week and got to watch Mary Selwyn's school program.  Mary Selwyn had a speaking part in the program and she did so well speaking clearly.  She was one of the easiest kids to understand.  She did great.  We also got to have a mini Christmas morning with the great grandparents, exchanging presents with them, which was a fun treat this year. 

Last night we took the girls to 'A Drive Through Bethlehem' at a local church.  It was neat and the girls loved it.  Before you entered the gates of Bethlehem the soldiers standing guard at the gate approached the car and said to Mary Selwyn, "Why have you come to Bethlehem, young lady?"  Shay and I thought for sure she would be a little scared and freeze; instead, she looked straight at him and said, "We came because we want to learn more about the Bible."  The guard was impressed by her answer and needless to say we got in the gates to see Jesus.  It was a small but proud moment for this mom and dad! Adeline didn't say a word, (very unlike her) she just flashed a quick smile to the gaurd on her side....I'm sure we could have gotten in on that alone. ;)

It has been a busy Christmas season already.  Now that school is out for a few weeks I hope we can take at least a few days to just snuggle and be lazy around the house. 

Our church program.  I didn't have a great seat so I didn't get super great pictures.  Mary Selwyn and bff Owen held hands the whole time they sang.  Precious!

Before our school program

with Nana and Poppy

can't leave out tiny liney

MSN and her sweet teacher Mrs. Young

"I give my heart for loving, and promise I will pray."

Our very own smart car!!
This is a video of the girls opening their power wheels from Nana and Poppy.  It was so fun to watch them.  After a while, MSN said, "I didn't need this, but I REALLY wanted it."  We have enjoyed it so far and are starting to learn how to drive, however, I don't think I will be trusting Adeline anytime soon.

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Margaret said...

Loved the pics! Yall are a beautiful family! Have a merry Christmas!