Monday, March 31, 2008

Girl Time

Friendship is such a great thing. To me it is a vital part of life. I cannot function without my friends....just ask Shay. He has many horror stories of when we were first married and living in a place where I had no friends, not pleasant!

I have to say I have great friends. I mean really great, fabulous friends. I wish a could devote a blog to each and every one of them. Unfortunately, that is not feasible but I must take the time to share with you the wonderful weekend I had with three of my very, very best friends.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking a trip to Atlanta with my college roommates Mary, Megan and Brooke. We all four get together periodically and any time we have the opportunity to spend a whole weekend together we jump at the chance. We leave the kids and husbands behind, not that we don't love them and miss them while we are gone, but there is just nothing like a good "girls weekend."

Friday afternoon Megan, Mary and I headed to Atlanta to stay with Brooke. The car ride in itself was a blast, except we were missing Brooke and we couldn't wait to get there. We all know that it is not a successful trip to Atlanta if you don't get lost at least once, which we did. After finding our way off of Peachtree Independent/Industrial Blvd., we found Brooke and got changed to go out for a spicy dinner. On our trip to Walmart we were able to completely embarrass some random guy on the VCF aisle, while buying all they had. It was so nice to be loud and silly and stay up until 3 a.m. with no worries.

The next morning we woke up and ate the wonderful Monkey bread Brooke made us for breakfast before showering and heading out for our day at the spa. Getting there was an adventure in itself and there was some jail time threatened. Of course we did not let that hinder our excitement. We decided to decline the lovely cop's offer and finally made it to the spa. We slipped into our robes and slippers, ordered Mimosas and wine and enjoyed the most divine crab cake lunch with yummy bread, olive oil and vinegar. After Mary exchanged her robe for one she hadn't gotten dirty and "a Tina" replaced her spilled drink, we were off to the hot tub before having our massages and pedicures. When our services were finished we took our time getting all dolled up for a cozy dinner and drinks at Murphy's.

It was a wonderful weekend with the three girls that I feel like I relate to most. I spent the best four years with them at Auburn and since we have celebrated together weddings, new homes, new businesses, new babies and all else life has thrown at us. One constant in my life that I know I can always count on is my friendship with Mary, Megan and Brooke. It is so nice to know that they are always there for me. I don't know if I have ever truly expressed to them how much I love them and appreciate them. I don't think I've let Mary and Megan know just how much it meant to me for them to sit in the hospital room with me for 12 hours of my labor giving Brooke play by play updates. It is not possible to put into words just how thankful I am for each of them and the huge blessing they are in my life. They are special friends that I will cherish forever.

I think it is so refreshing to spend time with your closest girl friends and I definitely left this weekend with a renewed spirit. It was such a treat for all of us to get together. It was a weekend filled with fun, laughter, indulgence, relaxation, memories and the botox face.....just exactly what the perfect girls weekend should be made up of!!


Mitzi said...

How fun!!! Many stories exchanged and created.

Robin said...

Friendship is the best thing ever,sista..Cherish and keep in touch with them. I just met up with some of mine after 10 years of not seeing them. Keep on blogging. Robin