Friday, April 4, 2008

9 Months Old

Mary Selwyn is now 9 months old. It is so hard to believe. We went yesterday for her 9 month appointment and the doctor's office was so impressed with her. They couldn't believe she had been walking for a month already. The nurse made her walk to the scale so everyone could watch her walk. It was cute and it made me feel really proud!

Minus the shots and Dr. Barron looking in her ears, Mary Selwyn loves to go to the doctor. She loves to be in places with lots of people and she loves all the kids running around in the waiting room. Yesterday she was toddling around the waiting room with baby in hand and walked right up to a little girl, probably 8 years old, and plopped the baby and her arms in her lap. The little girl giggled but was super shy and didn't know what to do. It is so neat to see how much Mary Selwyn enjoys other kids.

We got a good report from the doctor. She weighed 20 pounds 13 ounces. She's actually only gained 13 ounces since her last appointment. I guess all that walking has kept her weight gain to a minimum. She was also 29 1/4 inches. Turns out she gets that Shackelford height and is in the 95% of height.

One last exciting moment of this week, on Wednesday Mary Selwyn said Da Da. She has been saying mama, dada and all kinds of other sounds for several months now but she was just talking to hear herself talk. Wednesday she said it with recognition. We were looking at pictures and she found one of Shay and said "da da." Then when he walked in the door yesterday she looked right at him and said "da da." She knows her daddy and can now call him by name. You should see Shay light up when she says it. It is so sweet and erases any jealousy I might have.

Nine months old....I can hardly wrap my mind around that!


Lindsey said...

She is so cute! I love the outfit. Well, since she is walking it fits that she is starting to talk b/c they usually go hand in hand. How exciting!

Btw, can't wait to see your new haircut!

Carrie said...

She is precious! It blows my mind that she's 9 months old already!

Abby Euten said...

Liking the bow!! Good job, mom!

Robin said...

She is so cute. Where did you get the outfit?

Amanda said...

She is so cute Denise and she has your big pretty eyes! Looks like yall are doing well. I haven't seen Megan Dean Weimer in forever. Tell her hi!

Lori said...

Hi Denise! I can attest to the absolute CUTENESS of Mary Selwyn. She is an angel. We loved having her with us last week.

Love, Lori

BamaMama said...

So so cute! I cannot believe she is walking. It goes by so fast. She is absolutely adorable and I know you and Shay are proud. I miss you all! We need to get together.

Jason and Laura Brantley said...

hey denise!! so good to hear from you! Mary Selwyn is so cute and how impressive that she is walking so soon!! love that i can keep up with you now!!

Mitzi said...

Love the pictures! We are back and need a fix.