Monday, April 28, 2008

The cure that left us wanting more!

This weekend Shay and I packed up Mary Selwyn and headed to Panama City for a little family beach weekend. We have some friends who own a condo down there and were so generous to rent it to us for an extremely great rate. We got there early Friday afternoon and hit the pool right away. The condo had an indoor pool which was so nice because Mary Selwyn, "fairest of them all," did not need to spend too much time in the sun. I'm proud to say she didn't get even the slightest of sunburn or tan. However, I feel sure I will be washing sunscreen out of her hair for the next month since she refuses to wear a hat. At least I feel like a good mom for not letting her get a sunburn.

I was scared that Mary Selwyn wouldn't like the water. She has been going through this little fraidy cat phase lately and has become scared of things that never bothered her before. I was relieved to see she wasn't scared of the water and she only cried the first five or so times that she accidentally stuck her face in the water. Then she got over it and I even dunked her one good time before we got out. I don't think she loved it but there were no tears. She enjoyed the beach for the most part. She even sat in the waves, I could kick myself for not getting a picture of that but I was busy making sure she didn't wash away. Her favorite part of the actual beach of course was the putting the sand in her mouth. She really enjoyed that salt water taste. I picked her up so she wouldn't eat the sand anymore and she began to lick my arm where there had been salt water. It was gross but I guess when your diet consists of formula and baby food salt water is a real treat!

We had a great time. It was relaxing to just be the three of us. I could have stayed for 10 days. I love the beach so much. Even being in the indoor pool was fun. So the cure to my beach fever was a weekend at the beach....problem is that the weekend wasn't long enough for me and now I'm dying to go back already. I'm not sure I can ever get enough of the beach. Luckily I have several more trips planned to look forward to. Here are a ton of pictures from our weekend.

Snacks by the pool. Oh I almost forgot, Mary Selwyn said her second word this past week. No not Mama but Ju-Ju. Ju-Ju is what Shay and I call "Juice, Juice" I don't know why we feel the need to say it twice but we do. So it took us a couple of days to realize what she was actually saying but we finally caught on. Ju-Ju not only refers to juice but also to cheerios and puffs. I guess the definition of Ju-Ju for her would be snack! Maybe one day I'll get a Mama out of her.
The sun was so bright! She had a hard time looking around outside but she wouldn't wear any sunglasses. This is part of the reason we stayed at the indoor pool most of the time.
This crab float was the cutest thing! Mary Selwyn loved her crab. She kept trying to bite and kiss the crab's eyes. Luckily I was able to keep her from using those little teeth to deflate him.
Out on the balcony watching the waves! You can't see them that well but she has the cutest little curls in the back. There aren't many but they are growing!
Mary Selwyn and Daddy enjoying dinner and some live music.
Ready to hit the beach in her little bathing suit cover up.


Elizabeth & Robert said...

What a fun trip! And a precious little girl!! Now I have beach fever too! xoxo, elizabeth

Carrie said...

So sweet! What wonderful pictures! Looks like you guys had a great weekend!

Where did you find that crab float??? :o)

Mitzi said...

Great pictures! The first one should be a magazine cover.

Dona said...

Too cute! It makes me want to get out of the sewage and head south!!! I am so glad that ya'll had great family time together!Love the pictures!

Lindsey said...

Love it, love it, love it! Jeremy is going to be pretty excited a/b these pictures.

My nephew Tanner ate the sand last summer too.

Jenny Bryant said...

Denise I am so excited I can keep up with you through your blog. Mary Selwyn is just precious!!! JB

Mandy said...

sounds like you had a great time. I can't wait to take O to the beach. We are going in a few weeks!!!

Robin said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I wish I could go back also. Good to see the pics of that precious little girl.