Saturday, November 15, 2008

By Special Request

A couple of weeks ago Ann Marie left me a comment saying she would love for me to do a post on all the words that Mary Selwyn can say. Ever since that comment I've been paying extra close attention, not even really on purpose and I will think, "I could add that to the list." So here it goes just for you Mrs. Cook....all the things little Melly can say.

Words she says clear as a bell:
Mama, Mommy-Mommy is a new addition. She says it a lot and very loud. Especially when we are riding in the car or walking through the grocery store. I've recently nicknamed her the "Mommy Bird."
Dada-still a favorite
NO! This may be her most favorite word!!!!
Hi, Hey and Bye- and she knows exactly when to use these. It is really cute. If she just leaves the room she has to turn around and tell you bye.
Coin- I know this seems like a random one but she got this lion bank for her birthday that roars when you put money in it and she will spend hours putting money in. I just give her a cup of coins and she goes to town. I'm thankful for this bank because it taught her early where to put money she finds and not put it in her mouth. Thankful for a piggy bank? Who would have thought.
Bite- but it is much more drawn biiiiiiiite.

Car- she says it very clear but with a Boston accent.
Spoon- it is probably more "poon" but anyone would understand what she is saying. Juice
Peaaaaaaaaseeeee- please is my favorite word. She says it a lot on her own but if she forgets all you have to say is "what do you say," and she will respond with an appropriate please. Sweetest word....I love to hear it.
Meme and Papa- Shay's parents
Duh- that's right unfortunately my 16 month old can say duh. I asked Shay a question not long ago that he apparently felt deserved a "duh" and as soon as he said it Mary Selwyn looked at me and said "duh" in the exact same voice. It is a perfect "duh" and if Shay says "yeah" with that same inflection of his voice she will look at me and say "duh." Funny but not.
Door- she will go to any door and knock on it and yell "doooooooooor," which is her way of saying "open the door!"
Book- it is said kinda quite and fast but it is book.
Baaaag- just bag
We can do all our animal sounds very clearly. Meow, Moo, Baa Baa, Neigh Neigh, Tweet Tweet, Quack Quack. She can even roar like a tiger and grunt like a pig, however the only animal she calls by its actual name is dog. Everything else is referred to by the sound it makes.

Words that may require some interpretation
CooCoo- Chicken. She loves chicken nuggets.
WaaWaa- Applesauce....don't ask me why....I have no clue where she came up with that.
JuJu- of her very first words that she has stuck with. This is for goldfish or fruit loops.
puuuuuuse- purse
dat- that
tookie- cookie
takie- candy....what can I say she's got a sweet tooth like her mama!
siiiiiide- outside or inside
waaaaaak- walk....or go for a walk
pumpy- pumpkin
balanalanalana- banana. She loves bananas.This is one of the words that people love for her to say, it's a real crowd pleaser.
poppy- potty. Don't worry we don't actually do this yet she just knows what and where the potty is. It's a start right.
Grampaka- dad.
Goon- Supposed to be Gran, my mom. Shay loves that she calls my mom Goon and will try to keep this going as long as possible.
Data- Aunt Daphna.
Cogur- color. She loves to color. We do this all day everyday. Peek- pink. Every color is pink right now, even though she knows green and blue too.
Boo- Blue, the color or the dog.
Cooley Cooley- is Clues or Blue's Clues. This is the first thing she asks for every morning as soon as she wakes up. Teve- is Steve naturally....back to the Blue's Clues.

She is saying so many things these days. I know I'm forgetting a bunch. She has turned into a parrot and she is even starting to put words together, which really excites me. She can say "Bye Teve," "Bye Boo," "I cogur," and my favorite is "hi baby," to my tummy. Sweetest thing. If I ask her to try to say a word she will at least try and repeat it and can either say it or get pretty close. Some words I can't even begin to think of a way to type them....she says some form of bath time and clean up but you will just have to trust me on that. We also do a little bit of sign language still. I think the only signs we still do are thank you, change and blue(those last 2 she learned from blues clues.)

She is quite the prissy little thing these days too. She loves make-up. I bought her some fake play make-up for Christmas and I'm tempted to give it to her now. She will bring me my make up bag at least once a day and cry to put on make-up. She loves bags and purses and shoes and hats. She is a mess and she cracks us up daily. Never a dull moment....I love it.

I've saved the best for last. Mary Selwyn is already a huge Auburn fan, despite this season, I'll spare you my thoughts on that though. Anyway, if you know us, you know that we have tons of Auburn paraphernalia so you can find an AU logo just about anywhere inside or outside of our house. Well MSN knows exactly what that AU stands for and she says a form of Auburn. Again I couldn't begin to type what she is saying so I got her to say it on a video. Now in this video she has just woken up from a nap, hence the nap hair and she was extremely grumptastic! So excuse the hair and whining but this is her looking at my cup and saying Auburn.


Lindsey said...

Too cute! And you know that banana is mine and Jeremy's favorie!

Ann-Marie said...

Love it!!!!! Thank you. I love todller talk. The words can be so different for all of them, but all so precious. She knows a lot of words! It's amazing isn't it? And what a great idea about the piggy bank. I may have to start that with MEC.

Maile said...

The BEST thing ever! She is getting so big, and even cuter. (I did not think that was possible!) When are you coming to visit??? Or when can we meet for an afternoon? I'd love to see you.

Rachel said...

I REALLY want to hear her say banana!!!

Lauren said...

I loved reading this post! It gives me a look into my near future (I hope, anyway. Sipsey is not even close to saying any words yet.). And the 7 second video is not gonna cut it! That was so cute! I want more! When do you find out if the baby is a boy or a girl? I need pregnancy updates!

Jenny said...

so sweet....i love purse and please...that is so the video too!!

Margaret said...

That is so adorable Denise! It really hits how big they are getting when they start saying all of those words! Simms is still only saying mama, dada, and baby! We are getting there! Hope you are feeling good!