Sunday, November 2, 2008

Scaredy Cat

Mary Selwyn loves, loves, loves cats. Of course she calls them "meows." She sleeps with a stuffed cat named Caviar and she loves our real cat Silas. I rescued Silas from the humane society when we first moved here. He was my first little baby, unfortunately for Si he has taken a backseat since the arrival of Miss Priss, but I don't think he minds too much. Mary Selwyn and Silas are so good with each other, I was a little surprised but thankful they love one another.

So before Halloween we got some kids magazine in the mail with different costumes in it. Mary Selwyn immediately found the "meow" costume and carried it around for days. So I decided I was going to find her a "meow" costume and it had to match Silas perfectly. Silas is a pretty black and white. It looks like he is wearing a tux so I call him a fancy cat. I was so excited when I found a costume that looked almost exactly like Silas. Mary Selwyn loved her costume and wore it several times around the house just for fun. I couldn't wait to get a picture of her and Si together. One night he came in to eat and I decided it was a perfect photo op, so I dressed up MSN and brought her in the room with Silas.

I have never in my life seen a cat more terrified in my life. Silas could not get away from her fast enough. He peeled out of the kitchen and went and hid behind the chair. His hair was standing up and his eyes were as big as baseballs. Shay opened the back door and he shot out in a hurry. I guess to him it was like looking in a fun house mirror where your reflection is twice your size. It was hilarious, however, I was super disappointed because it didn't look like I would be getting my perfect matching picture. So I figured I would just have to post a picture of her and a picture of our cat seprately.

Mary Selwyn had the best time on Halloween. She and I sat on the front porch with our candy bowl and waited for the trick or treaters. Surprisingly Silas actually made an appearance while we were passing out candy and I guess he had warmed up to her in the cat costume because he didn't run from her. The other dressed up children yes, but not our big kitty. He even hung around long enough for one kid's dad to appreciate my matching cats. This was still the best picture we could get of them...a cat and 16 month old, not the easiest of targets. Anyhow, Mary Selwyn enjoyed Halloween so much that the next morning she grabbed the candy bowl and said "side peaaas," which of course means outside please. So even though I knew there would be no trick or treaters at 8 a.m. Saturday morning we sat on the porch with our candy bowl and waited patiently. It was a lot of fun.

Here are some more pictures of our little "meow" and some with her cousin Kate the bumblebee, that was Mary Selwyn's costume last year.

We also went to the peanut festival on Saturday. Mary Selwyn loved feeding the goats carrots in the petting zoo and all the lights on the midway. They have the best food at the peanut festival. That is the part I look forward to the most. They have this roasted corn that they slather in is like a little slice of heaven. Well MSN loves corn too so there was no way I was getting out of sharing it. She ate that corn right off the cob....I'm sure it is still stuck in her teeth but she loved it.


Ann-Marie said...

She is too cute! I can't believe you found a costume that matches your cat! That's awesome! I would love for you to write a post on all the different words MSN knows now. I love how you write the way she says them.

Rachel said...

The fact that Silas was so terrified still really cracks me's hilarious! She looked so cute! Miss you guys.

Carrie said...


Mitzi said...

What a great weekend!

Jenny said...

what a cute outfit! she looks precious!
we come to Dothan a pretty good bit...i will let you know the next time!

Ashley said...

How cute!