Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sick little princess

This is what we were supposed to be doing on Sunday afternoon...... ...wearing our princess dress at Mary Townsend's 2nd princess birthday party.

This is what we were doing instead....... ...laying in Mommy's bed watching Blue's Clues with a fever of 102.7! We were so disappointed. Probably me more than MSN because I searched for the perfect princess dress for her to wear to this party and I happen to find this one at Toys R Us for $6.30. Not only a deal but the most perfect dress. This was her first princess birthday party and I couldn't wait to dress her up to go. I love children's birthday parties. I think they are so fun and special. I mean your birthday is the one day a year you get to celebrate you,and let's face it, it gets less fun to do this as you get older so I think you should go all out when you are a kid. If we are invited to a party we try our hardest to be there. Mary Selwyn enjoys all the kids and cake, of course and I enjoy watching her enjoy the atmosphere. So I was sad we had to miss it but Sunday morning she just woke up feeling yucky....what can you do?

It had already been a week of chaos. Shay's truck broke down on Wednesday leaving Mary Selwy and I stranded and stir crazy at the house. Thanks to Mitzi and Kristen I was able to get out and do some Christmas shopping on Friday, which was wonderful. We had to get my dad to come down Saturday afternoon to try and fix Shay's truck. Luckily he was successful and Mary Selwyn got to spend some fun time with her Grampaka.

After a couple terrible nights of sleep, or lack there of, Mary Selwyn has been feeling better and decided to play in her princess dress all day today. Here are some pictures I took of her. We even had the heels to match. I'm also posting two video's. One of the priss pot putting on some make-up.....which is really sidewalk chalk, gross I thought but it won't kill her. The other video of her just chatting it up and saying "I don't know," when I ask her questions. By the way if all that wasn't enough to make for a bad week....tonight I almost caught my kitchen on fire. I sure I hope our luck turns around soon...ha ha.

I could only get one video to post. I'll try the other again later because it is so funny.


Kristen said...

Love the chalk lipstick! And what a great idea to post her words! I should do that. ALthough Owen's list would be just a tad shorter...

Ann-Marie said...

I'm so sorry MSN had to miss the bday party. You are such a good mommy, Denise. You just let MSN wear that darn dress for the next two weeks straight, even to church! :)

Jenny said...

so cute with the lipstick!! she may have been sick, but she was a pretty princess!!

Rachel said...

I love her! She's such a girl...and it's great :)

Robin said...

She is sooooo cute..My little grands are sick ,too..Have a good day and hope Miss Prissy is feeling better.