Monday, July 13, 2009

Chart Topper

Mary Selwyn had her 2 year old check up last week and you will be happy to know that she is at the top of the charts in both height and weight. She weighed 34 pounds, 95-98%, and was 36 inches, 98%. Not surprising. She has been a chart topper since the day she was born. The doctor was very impressed with all her stats and with how smart she is, of course.

Two is a fun age but it can be very trying as well. We have full fledged meltdowns that occur much more often than we would like. She is opinionated and sometimes stubborn. The other day she was mad at me for some unknown reason, just like a girl right, and she looked at me through her tears and said "Bite my toe mama!" I have no idea where she got that from and I have to admit I laughed. I was thinking did she just tell me to bite her toe? Well she did and we had to have a talk about why that was not very nice. I continue to be amazed by the things she can come up with.

Despite all those "terrible 2" moments she really is such a joy. She plays so well with other kids and continues to love her little sister unconditionally. She is never ugly to Adeline at all and just showers her with hugs and kisses all day. She loves to be right up next to her all the time.... and when I say right up next to her, I mean right next to her. There are times you couldn't slide a piece of paper between them. Adeline doesn't seem to mind. I know these days won't last forever and probably sooner rather than later they will be engaging in petty arguments over toys and clothes and everything else. I'm trying to enjoy them as much as possible.

Mary Selwyn is now pee-pee trained. We are still working on the other but it shouldn't be much longer. I am impressed with how easy potty training has been so far, knock on wood. My new favorite thing she does is sing along with songs. She has been singing songs for several months but now she has started to sing along with songs on TV or in the car. It is so funny. She is always a step behind but just sings her little heart out. I love it. She is such a big girl and can do almost everything. She is lots of fun and full of energy. Life with a toddler is anything but boring.


Lauren said...

"Bite my toe" is about the funniest thing I have ever heard! I guess it's the 2-year-old equivalent of "kiss my butt?" She is a doll!

Mandy said...

What a big girl! You should definitely enjoy the days where she wants to be close to her sister. Very soon she will be locking Adeline out when her friends come over and refusing to let her borrow clothes, etc.
Very cute video!

Ann-Marie said...

such a big girl! I did get your message the other day. I will call you back. I promise. :) take care

mandy said...

Oh my goodness that video couldn't be cuter!!!

Marianna said...