Monday, July 20, 2009

Guess What.....

This sweet little punkin has slept through the night 3 nights in a row. KNOCK ON WOOD!! Hopefully I'm not jinxing it with this post. We started a strict "Baby Wise" schedule a little over a week ago. You know eat, play, sleep, and she has done really well. Last week she was sleeping at least 6 hours and I thought I was in heaven....that is until she decided to sleep 9 hours for the last three days. Now that is good sleep. She sleeps in her crib, in her room all by herself. I know that some mom's claim their babies sleep this way at 6 or 8 weeks, I am thankful it happened for us at 12 weeks. I feel like a new mama.

I hate to always talk in comparisons but I must point out that Mary Selwyn did not sleep through the night until she was 18 months old. That was just 6 months ago. I told everyone that I was a baby wise failure. No matter what we did the child would not sleep. This is a very welcomed difference between my two girls.

Adeline is a great baby. She only cries when she is hungry or sleepy. She is completely content otherwise. She is so smiley. She gives you a big smile whenever you look at or talk to her and she always smiles when Mary Selwyn is in her line of vision. And oh how I love the little gurgles she gives back. It is the sweetest sound. We are having a fun time.....sleep is really doing this family good if you couldn't tell!

Ready for church

A lazy Sunday afternoon


Melissa said...

Love those matching dresses! Such a pretty pic! Congratulations on getting some sleep! Will say a prayer that it lasts!

Ann-Marie said...

HOORAY!!!!!! Brannon and I are frightened about the sleep habits of this new one coming. MEC was such and still is such a good sleeper, that we just KNOW our second will not be so easy. LOL. Oh well, sleep can come later. So happy for you!

Jenny said...

good for her!!!! what a big girl!! I know mom and dad are really happy to have a whole nights sleep!

Marianna said...

That is awesome! Hayden slept for 7 hours 2 nights in a row last week, but hasn't since! ARGH. What's the secret?