Monday, July 6, 2009

Party Pictures

Mary Selwyn was one lucky girl this year. She had TWO birthday parties. On Thursday, her actual birthday, we took her and a few of her little friends to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate. Mary Selwyn was so excited. She often thanks God for Chuck E Cheese when she says her prayers at night so she couldn't wait for everyone to come to her party there. Then on Friday night we had a small family party at Meme and Papa's house. So here are the million pictures we took this weekend. It was fun and I'm a little sad the celebration is over.

The Kids were very excited when Chuck E showed up to the party.

Present time!

Mary Selwyn and Anna Clare....or "Uncle Care" as MSN calls her.

Mary Selwyn's present from Mommy and Daddy and Adeline. She wouldn't stick her head out for the picture.

Party #2, Cake #2

A new doll!

Mary Selwyn and Kate.

Looking for birthday bugs

All the Grandparents and the birthday girl.

This is Mary Selwyn wearing her daddy's Hee Haw overalls. They were Shay's when he was a kid and they fit Mary Selwyn perfectly. I let her wear them to watch fireworks after a very long day on the river to celebrate the 4th. They kept the bugs away. Aren't they cute?

I also have to mention one other exciting thing I got to do this weekend. I got to meet this sweet little firecracker. Gracie Gill was born on July 3. I am so happy for my some of my best friends Ashley and Blake. My mom and I made a quick trip to Tuscaloosa to meet Gracie. She made it into the world just in time to help her parents open their brand new Chick-fil-A. She is going to be a busy baby girl.


Ann-Marie said...

so darn cute. and when did she grow up so fast?

Mandy said...

Cute pictures! Love the Hee-Haw overalls!

Kristen said...

Cute pics! At least Uncle Care had fun at the party since Co was scared of everything!

Jenny said...

what great parties. Happy Bday! Tanks for your sweet comments and encouragement on my silly worrying!!