Monday, September 14, 2009

My Girls

Little Sister: I finally took Adeline to the doctor on Friday for her 4 month check up. We have had to reschedule several times for various reasons and the flu outbreak. The doctor decided her well baby check up could wait in an attempt to avoid the flu ridden office. We of course got a good report, however, I am sure that 4 month shots are from the devil. She weighs 15 lbs 15 oz and is 25 inches. She is 75% in weight and 65% in height. Not to sound like a broken record but she is a much smaller version of her sister. She may be getting her height from mommy's side of the family. Dr. Barron said she was perfect but we already knew that.

Adeline started sitting up by herself last Tuesday. I still don't fully trust her to sit there while I walk away. Sometimes she gets so excited and rocks back and forth a little too fast but a few pillows around her cushions the fall. Adeline has great hand control already and can grab anything in front of her, whether you want her to or not. She laughs and giggles and makes the sweetest sounds. She has the most precious face, it is her sister's face from 2 years ago. She is just the best baby. Period.

Big Sister: Mary Selwyn is a hoot these days. She comes up with new things everyday and we are amazed at how smart she is. She loves to sing along with songs and dance. She loves this new show called the Fresh Beat Band and she tries to do all their dance moves. It is too funny. She loves, loves, loves Mother's Morning Out and on the way home Thursday she said in a very pitiful, whiny voice, "I don't want to go home, I want to go back to school and play with my fwiends." She loves to play with other kids and is pretty good at sharing.
She has a full vocabulary and has almost completely phased out her "Mary Selwyn" words. For example she used to call her shoes "duggies" now they are just shoes. She still calls fruit snacks or cereal "JuJus" which was her first word. Chicken is still "coocoo" and water is still "whoalio" for now, however, she can say chicken and water so I'm sure we will make the transition to the real words soon. It is a good thing that she can and is saying the real words I know, but it is sad to see the last signs of my baby disappear.

We are very lucky to have two very sweet girls. The best thing about having two kids so far is how much they love each other. Adeline is fascinated by her big sister. She locks her eyes on Mary Selwyn and follows her every move. She smiles every time she sees MSN. No one can make Adeline talk and laugh like Mary Selwyn can. It is adorable and makes you melt. Mary Selwyn is so sweet to Adeline and just loves on her all the time. There are literally times when she is so close to her that you couldn't slide a piece of paper between them. She has never once been jealous or annoyed by her sister. I know those days are coming, I do. For now it is pure bliss.

See what I mean....


Lauren said...

They are too sweet! I hope that Sipsey will be that loving of a big sister one day! Did you smock their dresses?

Margaret said...

What precious little girls!! I can't believe how big Adeline is getting! 4 months already?? Unreal! Love the matching dresses!!!

Mandy said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet!!
That's exactly what Luke weighed at 4 months!

Kristen said...

Love those AU dresses!

Ann-Marie said...

Yes, the Fresh Beat Band! Mary Ellen's favorite song is "bananas." Sweet pics!