Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wet and Rainy, Hot and Muggy, Miserable and Awesome Gameday

Shay and I went to the game this weekend. It was a day full of rain. I've never had the pleasure of attending a game with so much rain before. At least it was worth it. We had a great time but got home entirely too late....I think we are both still exhausted. Here are just a few pictures. I wish I could have gotten more of the actual monsoon but I didn't want my camera to be flooded like everything else.
Shay's cousin Andrew and his girlfriend Hartley were our dates to the game.
Me, Brooke and baby......Brooke is pregnant! Yay! All three of my roommates are due in March, how exciting is that?
This picture is awful but I thought it really showed what kind of day it was. I wish I had taken one of me in my was pretty cute...ha ha.
War Eagle!


Margaret said...

Glad ya'll had fun! Luckily I was in the bus during the downpour, but not my husband. He refused to leave until it was over, meaning we got home at 2:30 GA time. Lovely!

Kristen said...

Poncho...Where's the poncho? I want to see the poncho.

Jenny said...

love it!! War Eagle!! Glad ya'll had a good time!