Monday, September 28, 2009

Pat Green

Last Thursday Shay and I went to the Pat Green concert in Montgomery. Shay had surprised me with tickets the week before and we even stayed in the new Renaissance downtown Montgomery, where the concert was. It was such a fun little get-a-way.

This was my fourth time to see a Pat Green show and it was just as good as all the other times. He has been on tour with some big acts lately so we haven't seen him in a while. He plays such great, small, intimate shows and we think that is really the only way to see him. He interacts with the crowd a lot and is really funny. It was worth every penny. I'm lucky to have such a sweet husband and it was a perfect surprise. So much fun!


Mandy said...

Fun, fun!! That is such a cute picture of you two! You are very photogenic.

gillfamily said...

You look beautiful!