Wednesday, March 24, 2010

11 months & 2 1/2

These are the ages of my girls. It is hard to believe Adeline will be 1 year old next month. It is so bittersweet. We are excited about celebrating her birthday but very sad that she is growing up. She can say "Mama," "Dada," "Mum-Mum," and she attempts "bye-bye" and "baby." (Mum-Mum, is a baby snack, in case anyone thought that wasn't a real word.) She can sign more, thank you and all done. That will be all she will sign because mom doesn't know any other signs. She loves to play with baby dolls already. She also loves to sit on your lap and will back up and plop down in your lap whether you want her to or not. She can climb on certain things, scary!! If she needs her diaper changed all you have to say is, "Lay down Adeline so I can change your diaper," and she will find a spot to lay down and wait for you to change her. It is hilarious!

She loves Mary Selwyn and wants to do EVERYTHING she does. I didn't realize this would start so early. Adeline follows big sister's every move. She plops down in Mary Selwyn's lap all the time too, which MSN only appreciates half the time. Adeline is extremely loving and passes out kisses all the time. That is definitely a trait she gets from big sis! I love this little monkey. She still feels like my baby even though she is growing up so fast.

My 2 1/2 year old is a mess these days. She has definitely turned up the drama lately. Sometimes we fall apart over nothing.....just a girl I guess. It isn't too bad because Mary Selwyn is the sweetest and most polite child. She always says thank-you and your welcome without having to be told to. She thanks me for making her breakfast, lunch and dinner and for many other things I do daily that I wouldn't even expect a thank-you for. It makes us proud. She is going through a phase where she doesn't like kisses or "hugits" but I bet she tells us 15 times a day that she loves us out of the blue! The sweetest words. Mary Selwyn has become a real Disney Princess lately. She loves Snow White and Tiana from Princess and the Frog. We watch these movies almost on repeat and she sings along to every song. I love her singing. She also loves Sleeping Beauty but will not watch that movie for some reason. She got a Snow White dress to wear to her cousin Callie's birthday party this weekend. She couldn't be more excited and plans to wear her Sleeping Beauty shoes. It's two princesses in one!
At this age they don't have too many new tricks because it seems like they can already do everything but one new thing MSN can do is impersonations. She can do funny voices and mimic certain voices. This hilarious skill she gets from her daddy. I will try to catch it on video soon to share it because I cannot even begin to describe how funny it is. Last night Mary Selwyn and I went to a mommy and me gymnastics class. She had the best time. We are looking forward to doing it every week.

I'm lucky to have two precious girls that are sweet, sweet sisters. I'm also thankful that I get to stay home with them and really enjoy them, especially since time passes so quickly!


Lauren said...

Sleeping Beauty is actually pretty scary! I can understand why she doesn't want to watch it!! Snow White has its moments too, though.

Such sweet girls! I'd love the see MSN's impersonations.

Margaret said...

ICANNOT believe Adeline is about to be 1!!! They are both such beautiful girls!!

Kristen said...

Owen says "Come see us!!"

The Dennis Family said...

Precious little babies!! I can not believe that Adeline is signing OR that she is going to 1 in a month - it goes by WAY TOO fast!! Loved those pictures!

Jenny said...

THe rollers are tooooo cute!!! Time does fly so quickly! They are too precious!