Monday, March 15, 2010

Early Easter

We have been celebrating Easter a little early around here. Since our closing is April 1st, we are going to be in Dothan for the whole week before Easter packing, so we decided to do our fun Easter stuff this week.

We made Easter Egg Garland and hung it up. The first egg has Mary Selwyn's hand print and the last egg has Adeline's. It really brightens the apartment.

We made footprint butterflies.....aren't they the sweetest.
We made a strawberry Easter cake.The best part.Telling me what to do next.

We are no Ace of Cakes but happy with our 2 layer strawberry cake.

All that hard work was worth it...yummmm.

and we dyed some eggs

Daddy dyed some too....

Adeline in her cute lamb ears and cute bunny sweater.....sadly they are both cut out of this picture....oh well. We have been having some fun around here. Happy Easter!!!

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Lauren said...

So cute! I just love the crafts y'all made. I know you can sometimes go stir crazy cooped up with the kids, but you have made it so fun!